The Perennial Plate is a two-time James Beard Award winning online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.  Chef and Activist, Daniel Klein and Filmmaker Mirra Fine are traveling the world exploring the wonders, complexities and stories behind the ever more connected global food system.

Season One took place over a calendar year in Minnesota where every Monday for 52 weeks, the duo released short films that followed the culinary, agricultural and hunting explorations of Daniel Klein. In Season Two, Klein and Fine traveled across America, taking the viewer on a journey to appreciate and understand where good food comes from and how to enjoy it. In their current season,  Klein and Fine travel to China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa and Ethiopia to tell the stories of real food and the people who make it.

Daniel Klein

After learning to cook at his mother’s bed and breakfast, Daniel went on to work and train at many of the world’s top restaurants.   His culinary education brought him to Spain, France, England, India and New York, where he has worked and trained at top Michelin starred restaurants including The Fat Duck (Heston Blumenthal), St. John (Fergus Henderson), Mugaritz (Andoni Luis Aduriz), Bouchon (Thomas Keller), Applewood (David Shea) and Craft (Tom Collichio).  After graduating from NYU, Daniel also pursued a career in film.  He has directed, filmed, edited and produced projects on various issues including the development industry in Africa ( “What are we doing here?”) and oil politics.  Daniel is an Emmy nominated producer, and a 2013 & 2014 James Beard Award winner and the founder of The Perennial Plate.

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Mirra Fine

Emmy nominated Graphic Artist and Producer, James Beard Award winning Filmmaker, and Vegetarian, Mirra has never cooked at any fancy restaurants.  However, she has worked at some of New York’s top marketing firms, (including J Walter Thompson and Kirshenbaum Bond), and for the City of New York. She was a graphic designer and cheesemonger before she started filming and co-producing The Perennial Plate series in 2011.  Mirra became a vegetarian as a result of the first episode of the show.

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Hunter Johnson

Hunter pursued degrees in Film and Spanish at Temple University in Philadelphia. After graduation, he put both fields to use while living in and traveling around nine countries in Latin America for over two years during which he made films and took photos for an international NGO. His work has been featured on such outlets as CNN and WIRED. Hunter joined the Perennial Plate team in the summer of 2014. He began as an editor on their Emmy-nominated documentary series. He has since worked in different roles on many projects which have given him diverse travel opportunities from filming sea lions underwater in the Galapagos islands to riding an ATV atop a 40-foot-high pile of sugar beets in North Dakota.

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“The Perennial Plate is real food TV, in every sense.”– Michael Pollan

“A level of culinary cinema verité that television can’t (or wouldn’t dare) match.”– Food & Wine Magazine

“Fascinating and Captivating”The Huffington Post

“One of the coolest shows I’ve seen in years. This is the real thing and I love the Perennial Plate.”– Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods

“Daniel has transformed his love of cooking into a web series that I find both insightful and informative”– Thomas Keller, the French Laundry

“A welcome and refreshing departure from everything else that’s on TV or the web.“ – Tasting Table

“Mouth-watering, stimulating, mind-opening eating and living.”– Ana Joanes, Director, FRESH

“Klein captures both the deliciousness and the philosophical conundrums embodied by trying to eat locally and sustainably. ”– The Ethicurean