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Probably the most asked question during our two months in Ireland from farmers and fishermen, chefs and hunters has been, “so what do you think of Trump?”  No joke — every single Irish person I’ve talked to for more than 30 seconds has broached the subject.  My response always (except once) received a: “Oh thank God, it’s madness isn’t it?!” (the Irish public has been polled on Trump and he only has 6% support here).

We had been excited to not be around for the election madness. We thought that in Ireland we would have a little peace from the onslaught of “news”… but it is a global phenomenon and Ireland, with its rich and deep ties to the US, fancies itself at the heart of the race.

So as we finish up our last few days in this fine land, and head home to our own country (where the Irish were once hated immigrants) to vote on the 8th, I just needed to use my small internet presence to encourage folks to vote.  As any new father, I can see the future where my child asks “what did you do?” I’ll say, “I ran away to Ireland, and then I blogged about it.”  A pathetic response maybe, but better than nothing.

I think our show has always been pretty balanced — it provides perspectives that appeal to all types of people.  So I imagine to have some Trump, Hillary and Bernie or Bust folks that tune in from time to time.  I’m proud of that.  I know that if you watch this show, you understand the value of nature and of relationships, of real people, of work and a general love of life.  So even if you are considering Trump, I know it is for a reason other than you “like him”.

All this is to say, I don’t have anything new to bring to the conversation.  I’m just adding my name to the list of people who are asking you to vote in a way that that will keep Trump out of office: for my Son, for Mexicans, for Women, for Muslims, for the LGBTQ community, for Immigrants, for America… and for the Irish.

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  1. Peggy cerrito says:

    I really think you should keep politics out of your posts, very sorry to read thus here

    • mary q mc says:

      As the wife of an immigrant and the descendent of some of those discriminated Irish immigrants of yore, I applaud your post. You guys do a great job of documenting all sorts of lives and perspectives, and if it were required viewing, you wouldn’t even need to write your blog– becuase people would have more understanding and empathy for people not like themselves– something that has been lacking in the news-cycle here. So, sorry, Peggy, I disagree. I know Daniel and Mirra are happy filming others talking more often than not, but I for one admire you for speaking your piece this time.

    • Annie says:

      Expressing personal opinion on a personal blog is okay. The entire world can see the colossal mistake Trump is!

    • danny says:

      thanks Peggy, I understand, although the very nature of this show is political – it is encouraging a politics of humanity and compassion, of care for the planet.

    • Grant Fritch says:

      Peggy – I was an immigrant 50 years ago from Canada. What has changed is America. Then, people were welcomed and not seen as a threat. I hope that we can get past the current rhetoric and start seeing people for who they really are. Also,I think food is politic. Cheers!

  2. Jay Ordoyne says:

    I agree w Peggy. I wish you would keep politics out of your posts. I know Dems HATE Trump and feel the need to Demonize him. Just as they Demonized Bush. And come to think of it the general approach is to Demonize / Hate all Republicans and it is a sickness. I am NOT a Republican and I have a Family member who is LGBT. And one of your very close relatives is one of my best friends. I have no “ax to grind” in all this. I am just SICK of the endless Hatred that exists in this country relative to politics. It is a very toxic environment and NO ONE is benefiting from it.

  3. Shannon says:

    Your website, your thoughts. May we continue to live in a country where that is possible. Thank you for sharing. I agree, it is madness.

  4. Kathy says:

    Glad you’re gonna be home to vote!

  5. Kendra says:

    I greatly enjoyed reading this post.

  6. Emilia Allen says:

    Thank you for your words. I know you won’t regret them when this election has passed away into history. Thanks also for bringing a bit of an international perspective on this insanity that I’ve been craving. I’ve been an admirer of your work for a long time–thanks for all the awesomeness!

  7. JO BREEN VERING says:

    Our lives are political on every level. I appreciate your weigh in sharing perspective from Ireland. My great-great grandparents came from Tipperary; I still carry their surname as my middle name. My other grandparents were immigrants from Italy. Irish and Italian a great ethnic combination so prevalent in our American patchwork . We ALL have come from somewhere (probably by boat) to make this nation new and strong on every level. I too urge citizens to vote to defeat the small and mean interpretation of what it means to be American put forth by Donald Trump. We ARE better than this.

  8. Shaz says:

    Yeah, many folks in Ireland follow US politics very closely. I remember being in a cafe during 2008 primaries and hearing the people at the next table discussing Huckabee. But this election has been so crazy. I don’t think Trump considered the burden he’s putting on expats! Didn’t think you were at all hateful, by the way.

  9. Lynda says:

    Thanks for the post, your experience in Ireland mirrors what I hear from friends/family overseas. Much of the world is horrified at the thought of a Trump presidency. The USA is still the 500 lb gorilla in the room and what we do and who we vote for can and does have an impact on people in other countries – for better or worse.

  10. Ann says:

    I’m glad you wrote this and you did in a beautiful way. My ancestors are from Northern Ireland and I am with you all the way.

  11. Danielle says:

    I truly appreciate The Perennial Plate. Regarding your post; Trump has never been against any kind of immigrant if they come to this great country legally (there has always been a process, unlike some other countries who close their doors completely…they do exist). as for agriculture and sustainability, people can thank the current administration for having a cabinet member who’s spouse runs a company which does not want the average person to have organic seeds, and wants all seeds to be what they sell, and their company is almost all GMO based. Please, please, research Everything before making decisions based on surface info from biased and paid for “news” agencies, etc. Both candidates are flawed, but one wants to protect our wonderful country, and the other who is being investigated by the FBI for putting our country’s security at risk for personal gain, is Still putting our country’s security at risk…not to mention, sacrificing many individuals at Ben Gazi by ignoring calls for help. God bless those family members who lost their loved ones due to incompetence. Thank you

    • Kelly says:

      It has been clearly and often documented that Trump is not only against legal immigrants, he barred green card and visa holders with legal standing and is revoking many of them, including physicians, executives, professors and more who are from Latin, Spanish and Muslim countries. That is not opinion, that is fact. The one who “wants to protect our wonderful country” just revoked a Stream Protection Rule and now allows coal miners to dump coal, waste and blast materials into the streams. The same one supports a return to fossil fuel increases, mining and drilling in national parks, and abolishing the Departments of Education and Environmental Protection. That same one is putting local businesses in Florida out of business with his constant vacations there and destroying the natural landscapes with pipelines. That same one is against sustainable food, is pro-GMO, and against hunger programs. That same one has himself and his staff violated more laws, ethics and other violations than any other recent president. That same one is insistent on a Great Wall that will cost more than 2-3x his estimate and cause the extinction of species who will be unable to migrate through that Great Wall. Be mindful and do research. And no, I’m not a Democrat.

  12. Thanks for your inspiring work. Your blog, your right to your views. Wish more folks shared them. Now that the madness has settled on a course I suppose we shall hope for the best- that the president elect will surprise us with more character and empathy than he has shown so far. But keep up the great work. You make me want to plant something. 🙂

  13. Jessica Josephson says:

    Your work is wonderful. Have you thought of doing a book? Can you out your schedule on your website, so we can follow your doings? Are you on facebook?

  14. your work is great and you are onto THE timeliest of topics…self-sustainable living worldwide as big money seems to smother our institutions and governments. to inquisitions from irish re the new leader of the free world, i happened to be in london soon after bush the younger was elected and had the very same experience a tousand times daily as long as i was there. they would stare long, then finally ask my opinion of the man. one woman challenged my view “everyone says they didn’t vote for him, they don’t like him, but then how’d he get elected?” therein lies the real problem. long after trump folks who adore him him will still be here. and they will do more work of the same ilk. the u.s. is changing. jmho.

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