Inspiration, Move Me Brightly!

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With two days left, we made it to our goal!  Over 600 people came together to support Immigrants and Refugees — and the idea that storytelling has the power to change perspectives.

Kickstarter campaigns are hard, but doing this campaign inspired us:

We were inspired by your generosity — from donations of $1.00 up to $5,000.

We were inspired by the kindness of our “neighbors” as we received donations from Ireland, Australia, England, Mexico, Singapore and Tajikistan.

We were inspired by the countless “Thank you, I am an immigrant” stories sent in comments and emails.

We were inspired by our friends from the past who surprised us by their support in this, and new friends who we met through the campaign.

We were inspired by one such new friend, Benny, who was an early contributor. He sent in $50 and a beautiful note about a refugee who made an impact on him. Not long afterwards, he increased his pledge to $125 by selling a few things around his house — because, as he said, this was important to him.

We were inspired by Tim from Ireland whose incredible SECOND donation put us over the $50K mark last night.

We were inspired by the friends in the food and travel industries who reached out to offer up amazing rewards.

Were were inspired by people like Matt B, Barb A, Jon W, Coley, River, Leslie and organizations like IOM and Define American who were promoting and supporting this as much as we were — as if it were their own project.

We were inspired by the 6 weeks we spent in Mexico during this campaign… where we heard countless stories from Mexicans who had lived in the US, who still had family there, who were deported, and who knew that the US government is not it’s people, and that we are neighbors.

We were inspired by the moving and devastating stories around the globe: of ICE crackdowns and of lawyers at airports, of chemical attacks and of families welcoming Syrian refugees in Chicago.

And, of course, we were inspired by immigrant and refugee stories and people the world over, stories that we hope to share in this film series… of our common human experience.

We can’t thank you enough.  Now back to work (story ideas welcome)!





One response to “Inspiration, Move Me Brightly!”

  1. Giulia Latini says:

    My story idea is my son, Eugenio. After being caught with a number of bags of cocaine his father thought it would be a good idea for him to leave Italy and come stay with me in Sonoma, California. When he got here, at 24 years old, I said he had to find a job. I found him one with my friend Janine Falvo, over at the Carneros restaurant, staying at the bottom, prepping. He quickly worked his way up the culinary ladder and a few years later, after stages and stints with some great Bay Area restaurants and doing some catering with me, he returned to Italy, believing it to be necessary to evolving in his found passion: cooking. Since that day, about 8 years ago ,he has opened 3 very successful and popular restaurants in Milan : the uber gourmet Al Mercato, the ground breaking and super trendy Burger Bar and the innovative and adventurous young Noodle Bar, across from the Bocconi business school. From being a no’er-do-well kid to becoming a nationally known and rising culinary star, Eugenio Roncoroni is my son and my hero.

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