A Nova Scotia Teaser

Danny Klein- Blog

Here is a little unedited video that Hunter took during his 13 hours on a Lobster fishing boat near Halls Harbour.  The color of the sky is real.  This is a pretty much unedited segment from the start of Lobster season. Full videos coming very soon – we are excited to share!

3 responses to “A Nova Scotia Teaser”

  1. Shawna Finley says:

    So, are these episodes aired on Television? I am wondering because my Husband is bestfriends with Kevin Kenneally, the Captain of this boat, The Fundy Breeze and we are friends with the entire crew. We do not want to miss the show. Thanks! I hope it will be on T.V.

  2. Astoundingly beautiful. Talk about a tease!

  3. Alex Bauer says:

    Absolutely loving all your videos! Can’t wait to see what you discovered in Nova Scotia. 🙂

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