On Happy Humans, Salty Oysters, and a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

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When we reached out to Charles Purdy (Nova Scotia oyster fisherman and the subject of our latest film), it took him a day to respond via email with a yes.  When we spent the day with him, he never looked at a phone or a computer.   He wasn’t against email and technology, but he was more interested in being present.  He was always engaged, smiling, working, happy.

As we release a film about this remarkable man (and as is the case with so many of the films we make), we are hoping to find an audience for a story that is about everything that social media and being on the internet watching videos is not.  It is a conundrum I battle often with our entire series: Twitter, Facebook and instagram don’t make me happy, they decrease my quality of life, and yet I rely on them for my living and the dissemination of my work.

I say to myself, “just make something good” and that will be enough.

I worry that each film is just another piece of media on the pile —  A pile that can make real stories and people seem so fleeting.

I hustle and tweet to make sure there is an engaged audience, willing to watch these snippets of a life well spent.

I honestly don’t know which is the best route.

What I do know is that Charles Purdy is real and I got to meet him.  I tasted the oysters and I felt the salty wind off the bay.  I had an experience that made me want to get off my phone and engage, and we tried to translate that into a film.

If you watch the movie, I hope you get inspired, if you don’t watch the movie… great… Spend those 6 minutes being happy. Jjust don’t spend it looking at your phone. And if you want to meet Charles, and hear his stories in person, taste his amazing oysters and feel the wind off the bay…he’s on Malagash Road. The sign will be on your right coming from town. Im sure he’ll be happy to meet you.

On the Shores of This Bay from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

8 responses to “On Happy Humans, Salty Oysters, and a Healthy Relationship with Social Media”

  1. Bill Martin says:

    There was a hiatus Perennial Plate. Keep them coming.

  2. I loved this one. My 6 minutes of joy today. A life well spent. Thank you!

  3. Yvon LeFort says:

    right from the beginnings of perennial plate I’ve felt the videos to be an inspiration to get out and experience.

  4. Charles Purdy says:

    Spending time with you guys was awesome and I enjoyed every moment.
    Keep doing what you do so well and helping people to share a bit of theither lives with others.
    Come back if you ever are able.
    Everyone is welcome and if I can I will set under the French Trees with you and talk.
    All the very best and thank you.

  5. Its too good to hear relationship with social media.Its really a great post you have shared on your blog thank you for sharing this blog

  6. Alex Bauer says:

    Every couple of weeks I remember that there is a website out there called The Perennial Plate, and I eagerly go check the blog and video links for new content. Your stories are always inspiring, so much that I’ve gotten into photography, and eventually would like to become a documentary filmmaker, solely because of your stories and your artistic style. Your approach and view on the connection between humans, food, and the earth is something I’ve never seen before on the internet, and resonates for days after viewing. Its both thought provoking and visually beautiful. This is the very best of the media that’s out online, and I think it can deeply resonate within those people who truly take the time to view, and think.

    • danny says:

      Thank you Alex. I responded to this last week, but for some reason it didn’t go through (you’d think i’d know how to work my own website). Anyways, this means so much to our team. I shared it around and gave us a much needed dose of inspiration. Email us if you have any questions about doing doc work. thanks for taking in these people and stories.

  7. CG says:

    Engaged audience? Do you know that I save up your movies, horde them, so that I can pick a peaceful night to binge watch three or four all at once? It feels like a pure, soul satisfying indulgence. A wonderful treat, at times sweet, smoky, salty, or dense and chewy. Thank you for all these thoughtful and sustaining meals.

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