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A Recipe for “Wine Bottle” Pie

Our backdoor opens to a trove of apple trees. Ever since we arrived, I’ve been anxious to take advantage of this amazing bounty and start baking. Unfortunately, the house isn’t yet stocked with the necessary baking supplies (rolling pin, measuring cups, mixing bowls…)


Irish Landscapes

I recently took a little solo trip to Brey, a small coastal town south of Dublin. There I did the “Brey Cliff Walk,” a 6km hike along the ocean that leads you to the neighboring town of Greystones. The next day I went to Glendalough National Park to hike in the Wicklow mountains. At the base of the trail there’s an old monastery (built sometime between 900-1200 A.D) founded by St. Kevin.


A Night at the Pub

Since arriving to Ireland I’d been wanting to have a traditional pub experience. I asked James, the owner of the house where we are staying, (not to be confused with the baby), if there was a good pub to visit in the nearby town of Athy. “What night is it… Thursday?” he asked me. It was. “Oh, go to Clancy’s. You’re in for a treat. There’s music.”

So, Daniel and I went.


Dear Aer Lingus

We made it to Ireland! And though it took way longer than expected and the actual traveling was a disaster, the good news is that the crazy stress did not cause Daniel and I to divorce, and baby James proved his worth in gold. So Im keeping both of them! But here is my recommendation for how to travel internationally with a 19 month old. And mostly, it involves not relying on the airlines.

Over the past few years, I have flown back and forth (inside and out of) over 20 countries. And during that time, though I’ve always waited with bated breath as the suitcases came round the moving luggage belt, I’ve never had an airline lose my luggage. I’ve never been rerouted 5 times and transferred to 4 different airlines during a single trip, I’ve never had to run like crazy to two different gates only to be told that the doors had just closed, and I’ve never had an airline refuse to issue me a ticket (even though I’d already booked a seat). I’ve never sat in the last row of the plane with a shoddy tray table and had coca cola pour into my lap every time the plane moved slightly. But just last week, the first time we took our baby son on an international flight, all of those things happened. In one day.


A Very Special Visitor

So I debated writing this blog entry because it’s on a topic that is quite personal and I hesitate to broadcast to the entire Perennial Plate following. But it’s also something I’m very excited about and stands out among the many adventures in Colorado. So what the heck, here we go… There’s a girl I […]


From Colorado to Ireland, Jet Lag and Babies

As you may have noticed, we are still putting out Colorado videos. We have 4 more to go (and a bonus video or two down the road). But even though we are still in Colorado in video land, we are off this week to Ireland in the real world.

Though very excited, it will be our first flight across the pond with James, and thus we are also a little nervous. Usually getting on the plane is a chance to sit back and watch a few movies or read a book; this time it’ll be chasing a toddler down the aisle, entertaining him with an endless stream of snacks and trying to convince myself that it’s ok for him to watch the latest action movie on the screen in front of him… and that will only be the flight to DC.


Driving in Colorado

i’m a pretty safe driver, but on those long trips across corn fields, past strip malls, down tree lined highways… i get tired. I usually fuel a drive with 4-6 shots of espresso at home followed by ice tea at gas stations when i’m feeling tired. Colorado was different. I was truly amazed by the state, it is so easy to disregard the beauty of where we live/come from and think to the vineyards of Italy or the mountains of Patagonia. But in our back door, a mere 12 hours from Minnesota, there is constant unrelenting natural beauty, and it makes driving a true pleasure.


The Smells of Real Life

They say “smells ring bells.” As humans, our sense of smell is strongly linked to our memory. Well, after filming this most recent story about food waste, I’m certainly left with many new “memories.” Imagine heaping piles of decomposing produce being pushed around by a bulldozer. A large truck pulls up, unloading slabs of expired […]


Bessie: Stories From the Cutting Room Floor

We arrived at Bessie White’s house (down a dirt road off county BB) at around 9 in the morning. It was over an hour drive from where we were staying in Durango. We spent the whole morning with Bessie that day, hearing her story, seeing pictures of her life and watching her bake her strawberry rhubarb pie. She gave us a small hand pie on our way out, and I made a point to arrive early at the farmers market the next day so I could buy the larger pie (our pie) that we made together… or rather that we had seen her make. She said that she usually sells out — after all, at $6.00 a pie, it’s quite a steal. But she said that she wants to be fair. Luckily we got to the Cortez Farmers Market (a sweet market right off the main street that takes up the space of the courthouse parking lot) right on time. She had 3 pies left. I bought mine.


Good People

Last week we released the first film from our season here in Colorado. (If you haven’t watched it yet, please check it out here!) It tells the story of Keri Brandt, a former vegetarian who married into a cattle ranching family. Keri’s perspective on raising animals for human consumption is nuanced and insightful. But apart […]