Episode 4: A Winter Harvest Dinner at Two Pony Gardens

Harvest Dinner, Farm to Table, Farm Dinner, Supper Club… call it what you will, its a celebration of seasonal eating with friends and strangers alike.  This video shows an event that I did with friends in April at Two Pony Gardens.  Lisa Ringer runs the farm and grows incredible tomatoes and beautiful dahlias, among other things. For this winter feast it was her potatoes, onions and micro-greens that had their chance to shine.  Anyways, enjoy the video and e-mail me if you would like to come to dinner!

8 responses to “Episode 4: A Winter Harvest Dinner at Two Pony Gardens”

  1. umt says:

    Beautiful, cheers!! Love that you used a great local artist for your background music too.

  2. Booogie Longo says:

    i’m pissed that you didn’t get my snow dive in there.

  3. Anderson Renawalt says:

    Best video yet. Love the shots of the food. Made me want to go to the dinners. Make me want to go to all of them- how do i cook them myself. Have any friends who do this in Texas? Do you travel?

  4. Mike says:

    That food looked so good!

  5. Kevin says:

    Sounds like a great time, and I lived nearby [same country would be a good start], I’d be all over it!

  6. Boots says:

    This is my favorite so far… I live in Michigan and know the challenge of making local foods a go during the frozen months. Great video, lovely location. (And love the music, thanks for passing on the artists who make it!)

  7. Cosmo Jones says:

    Who does the song that starts around 2:25? I’m loving these shows as much as the music.

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