Episode 10: Fishing Rights

A very different episode, but something that I thought was important and interesting.  Last week, the day before the fishing opener, members of White Earth and Leech Lake decided to fish without state licenses.  They were reclaiming what they described as their “treaty rights” to hunt, fish and gather in the state of Minnesota.  Its a contentious issue that has gone to court in other areas of the state and country with the Native American’s usually winning.  The video is not a balanced perspective on the issue, but just a look at what happened at the event and how some Native Americans feel about the issue.

8 responses to “Episode 10: Fishing Rights”

  1. Cerabella Brown says:

    Excellent. Sure wanted to see you cook some fish though. I was hungry expecting to see some frying at the end!

  2. How sad and outrageous that once again these noble people have to fight for what is rightfully theirs. If we all embraced the American Indians’ respect of the land what a wonderful, sustainable world it would be.

    Thanks for spotlighting an important issue.

    • RS says:

      Respect for the land?  Looked like a nylon gill net to me.  Didn’t know that was the “Native American” way of fishing.  Don’t remember seeing that in any of the historic photos I’ve seen.  Just looks like greed and over harvesting to me.  Seems like the “Native Americans” have learned a lot from other over the years -Take every thing for me and leave nothing for you. Sounds like the 1%.  Why one day before the opening day?  I assume that the season is set for health of the fishery.  

  3. Kevin Obsatz says:

    Kudos for delving into the politics of local food!

    I’d love to see more like this – maybe with some cooking at the end as a reward.

  4. JJ says:

    While I can understand the idealism behind the treaty rights, I am apalled by the fact that in this day and age this form of un-qual rights is still in practice. If the native americans want to believe they have a "Soveirgn Nation" then why do the funnel millions of US taxpayer dollars? IF they want to be soveirgn, then they should not be given money from taxpayers.

    And to add insult to injury, when the Natives were so irresponsible to completely destroy the walleye population of Red Lake who paid to restock the lake? It wasn’t the natives, it came from taxpayers, and license fee’s paid by anglers here in MN. To hear them say that they take no more than the lake can sustain makes me sick to my stomach. Tell that to the resort owners around Upper Red Lake who lost their buisneses as a result of the natives irresponsibility.

  5. Daniel Klein says:

    Hey JJ, thanks for your comments. Its not an issue that I know enough about, which is why I made the video very simple. Did you think the video was in favor or against the treaty rights? Just curious…
    Would be interesting to investigate more into the story.

  6. JJ says:

    Daniel, from my point of view the video was not pro-netting, instead highlighted the general attutude of a number (not all) of the tribe members. This issue really bugs me as I have family in Oklahoma (Indian Territory) and they certainly don’t demand special rights. Instead they have embraced the ideal that our country was founded on, assimilation(sp?). Talking to my family there, including my full blood Cherokee Nation aunt, they cannot believe the attitude of the tribes here.

    This country was based on the ideal of a blending of cultures not special privelages based on skin color or heritage.

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