Episode 18: Fishing pros

Fishing is arguably the greatest of Minnesota food activities.  Wall-eye, trout, crappies… they are all practically a religion.  So here we go fishing.  Instead of just sitting in a boat with a camera, I went out with the MN fishing Pros out of High Banks Resort up at Lake Winnibigoshish, the fifth largest lake in Minnesota.  Enjoy.

3 responses to “Episode 18: Fishing pros”

  1. Kevin says:

    Interesting. I can absolutely relate to Rod’s take – absolutely how I see it. But I grew up and hunt & fish with folks like Bill – sportsmen/outdoorsmen who simply eat local wild meats because it’s what they hunt/fish.

    My take on walleye in the kitchen – it’s local here too. http://www.kevinkossowan.com/?p=1288

    The electric knives for filleting blew. My. Mind.

  2. Kevin Obsatz says:

    I’m a big fan of the fact that you use local music to complement the local food… you’ve got a nice soundtracking sensibility.

  3. Daniel Klein says:

    Hey Kevin Kossowan – I tried e-mailing you but it didn’t work. Like your site though… e-mail me at [email protected] – thanks

    Kevin Osatz, thanks for the comment on the soundtrack… i just got some new local bands that i’m excited about

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