Episode 33: Cranberry Jam

Thanksgiving is approaching and that means Cranberries.  Whether you love them or hate them, the way they are harvested is beautiful.  This short video was filmed at Jonjak Cranberry Farm.

6 responses to “Episode 33: Cranberry Jam”

  1. Simon Jasper says:

    How come we have to listen to a farmer instead of you telling us about it in an interesting way? This would have been awesome if you and the girl who wouldn't weed worked while talking about cranberries. Too bad.

  2. Daniel Kklein says:

    Why do we have to listen to a farmer? Are you kidding me? Do you know what this show is about? Its about where our food comes from, who makes it, who works hard… its not about ME. Are you too used to watching celebrity TV shows to take a minute to listen to someone's story. TOO BAD INDEED!

  3. Cranberries are my favorite fruit! I make a cranberry chutney a couple of times a year and eat with most meats, and with sweet potato. The recipe is an adaptation of a mango or apple chutney. To 2 bags of cranberries, I add a few cloves of minced garlic, a lime sliced paper thin and then cut into wedges, toasted and sliced almonds, crisp apple cubes, a large onion or two chopped, a minced jalapeno, and vinegar to taste.

  4. Michael says:

    So cool to see where cranberries come from. I was especially interested in what Randy was saying about the challenges of being organic. I can understand how frustrating it would be to feel helpless against pests eating the berries. I wonder if there actually is something else he could be doing. I also struck by the fact that he says that he can't get folks to pull out the weeds, because there not used to doing that kind of boring work. I imagine his profit margins aren't big enough to hire people to do it. I hope he can find a way to solve these problems and keep more of his crop organic.

  5. Kevin says:

    Neat to see it done – can't say I'd seen it before. Interesting having to revert to conventional for practicality's sake. If I was his teen daughter, I wouldn't want to do the weeding either. She's going to grow up never wanting to see cranberries again! Every time I see a farmer struggle with profitability, it frustrates me that we expect food to be so cheap on the consumer end. It just doesn't make sense relative to what we're willing to spend on electronics, vehicles, conveniences, etc.

  6. Josh says:

    It's all about the producers, Simon. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have anything to eat…and what Daniel shows is the value of the folks who grow our food and attempt at making a living producing organic fruits and veggies. Not an easy life…that's for sure.

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