Episode 39: Frozen Eggs

Minnesota is certainly living up to its Siberian winter image this year. We got 20 inches of snow on Saturday, and the temperature right now is -8 Fahrenheit.    Despite the cold, our chickens are outside braving the weather like champs — laying eggs and eating our table scraps.  This episode is for them, and about them.

Featured Recipe:kale and cheddar quiche

12 responses to “Episode 39: Frozen Eggs”

  1. Cerabella Brown says:

    Nice butt shots.

    Good looking food too.

    You're better than Keller

  2. Gotta love chickens. And adapting to unforeseen recipe complications. It adds a great personal touch! I am definitely going to make that quiche. Do you feed your chicken onion/garlic scraps too? I heard that gives the eggs a strange flavor. I haven't experimented yet.

  3. Kevin says:

    Oh, how I want chickens. This spring, hopefully. It's illegal here, unfortunately, so it may not go well.

    Quiches are on my list of 'should but don't'.

  4. Katie says:

    So I'm just now watching and think this is my favorite episode yet. Both for your commentary and the chicken footage. Glad to know my Georgia chickens are ok without a heater.

  5. Daniel Klein says:

    Hey Katie, thanks for watching. Your GA chickens should be super ok, considering how cold it is here. It means a lot that you watch the show.

  6. Lisa, Laura and Mike says:

    Daniel! Loved the chicken episode– fun to watch after feeding Lisa's chickens here at Two Pony Gardens! Very best wishes for a Happy New Year, hope to share a few meals together in 2011– the sooner the better!

    Laura (and Mike and Lisa too)

  7. dave says:

    Great video. Your quiche reminded me of eating fresh eggs with squash blossoms on late July mornings on my uncle's farm.

  8. Bob Wood says:

    Was just surfing huffpost's 'food' section and was grabbed by a headline saying 'the best food show you haven't heard of' or something like that. I was thrilled when I found out you're doing this out of Minnesota, as I've been living here for about 4 years now. I'm also a huge fan of all the renown chefs you've worked with so I was inclined to watch and I must say, you seem to know a lot about gastronomy. I dig it man!

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  12. jp says:

    FINALLY, someone who actually shows a slight error that occurred while they were cooking on video! Thanks for keeping it real, Daniel Klein!

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