Episode 42: Trout Chowder

Its getting hard to make episodes in this Minnesota winter, everything is covered in snow.  Thankfully the fish don’t go away, no matter what the temperature is.  This week I visit Star Prairie Trout Farm in Wisconsin and make chowder from the tasty fish.  I had plans to make a salad, but a warm bowl of soup was really what I needed (I’ve been sick).  Check out the RECIPE.

Featured Recipe:trout chowder

11 responses to “Episode 42: Trout Chowder”

  1. Beth says:

    Looks warm and delicious!

  2. Kevin says:

    That's perhaps the sexiest dish I've seen you prepare. Man that looked good.

    Kudos for tackling one while you were sick.

    I've seen a trout pond like that before [in somebody's yard], and I think if one has ever fished, it is awesome [and I mean that in the way my grandfather uses it] to see that many fish come to feed.

  3. Daniel Klein says:

    Kevin, it was quite tasty and the quantity of fish is insane. If that is a sustainable fishery, I can't imagine a conventional one.

  4. Isla says:

    Appreciate that you're working while your sick. The dish truly looked like it would cure whatever ails you. Just wondering: did you buy the guanciale somewhere? or make it yourself? Looked really good.

  5. Daniel Klein says:

    Thanks Isla. I made it myself from the pigs in episode 32. It's actually really easy to make. Salt it for four days with some spices, and then let it hang for a good month.

  6. Dave says:

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Peter says:

    Nice one, especially the guanciale. I'm never without a jowl in the fridge and another one hanging; it makes everything better. Have you made lardo too? Grated onto a hot steak is my current preferred use for it.

  8. Kimberley says:

    Looking forward to the recipe! I love any kind of chowder with fish.

  9. Daniel Klein says:

    Thanks Kimberley, the recipe is already up on the recipe page, enjoy

    Peter, I have made lardo, but never tried it with steak. sounds amazing – or pork chop?

  10. Hey, just watched this for a second time. Did I see you add a bit of water to the bacon? Or am I imagining things? What was the purpose of that?

  11. Daniel Klein says:

    I did add some water, it helps to render out some of the fat and keep the bacon from burning right away

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