Episode 53: Lucky Cows

Last year we created 52 episodes about sustainable and adventurous food in Minnesota.  For the final episode of this past season, we announced our plans to take this web series on the road. And with this Episode (# 53!) we start a whole new round of weekly videos about Real Food across America.  Traveling with my camera woman (and girlfriend) Mirra Fine for the next six months, we will be meeting farmers, fisherman, hunters and foragers — telling their stories, creating recipes with their ingredients, and showing our own road trip adventures.  This first episode follows our departure from Minneapolis, travels across Iowa and arrival at the unique Radiance Dairy where Francis Thicke lets his Dairy Cows live out their lives after milking.  I hope you enjoy this week’s episode, but remember to come back every week for the next 6 months!

Featured Recipe:violet lassi
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25 responses to “Episode 53: Lucky Cows”

  1. Debra says:

    Am cuious whether this farmer knows other farmers who let their cows live out their lives.  So sad about not finding the morels.

  2. Was the yogurt from Radiance Dairy? 

  3. Mary from Eden NY says:

    I loved your firswt road trip episode. I see why you picked Radiance Dairy. When the episode was over I was sad it was over and then very happy to see the interview with Francis Thicke. It is fantastic what he and his predecessors at the farm are doing. I loved that Francis explained why how he farms is actually so much better for the enviroment. Great Job you two!   Thank-You   Mary

  4. Charleneribaudo says:

    Jersey cows? They’re so beautiful and lovely to know that they get to spend their days outside. Really wonderful:)  

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Jerseys, and such tasty milk

      • Matthew Goldhill says:

        there is really no comparison between milk from jerseys vs other grass fed cows…it is simply the best and all that i drink!  i plan to head up to the farm where i get mine from this summer and this episode got me even more excited.

  5. Jai Carney says:

     I did a similar trip in 2008. Big circle around the country that began and ended in Portland, Oregon. There is much to see out there. My favorite food region on said trip was the south. 

  6. Amy Jackson says:

    The joy on your faces and in your voices is just awesome!  I do hope you come by the philly area.  North of philly is were I am if you’re near us on a Wednesday I’d take the farmers’ market.

  7. Rachel Wilson says:

     Just fantastic! Frances seems like such an amazing guy, I love his story, and his farm seems like an incredible place. Thanks so much for taking us along with you on your epic journey! Can’t wait to see next week’s episode! Travel safe!

  8. Cynthia Cloutier says:

    Ok… so if I said this to my friends they’d think I’d gone around the bend for sure.  The segment about the cows brought tears to my eyes and this giddy joy to my heart. Call me crazy… seeing those gals out there living as they should be, though, is such a blessing – and a reminder that although things are grim for animals raised for (or to produce) food in this country and for the environment in which we live, the final chapter has not been written. Thanks for doing this… fabulous idea!  I’ll be following. 🙂

  9. Heidi says:

    Violet Jam! 

  10.  Very nice and fun Daniel, congrats.from Toronto.

  11.  You two are awesome! I love this video and how great the cows are treated! 

  12. James Adams says:

     Great way to start the new season! We have a dairy like his in SPokane, WA. Really compassionate people who care about their cows!

  13. Lauren says:

    “What’s his name?”??

    For shame, Daniel!

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  16. Love the false start. Rotational grazing is so cool. So is compassion.

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