Episode 66: On A Northern Farm

After cooking some lamb at the Co-op in Ashland, OR we were on our way to Portland. And it just so happened that along the journey North was the farm where the lamb had been sourced.  We stopped, filmed, and were smitten with the couple who ran the farm as well as their dogs.  Some episodes are a culmination of days of footage, this episode was just hours.  But it was special.

22 responses to “Episode 66: On A Northern Farm”

  1. Fillyfilm says:

    Great footage!! You guys of such a knack for finding great people with great stories and such interesting ways of thinking.

  2. Steven Martin says:

    I think this is your very best video yet.  Stunning, smart, touching, reverent even ……..   Find a farm that raises Katahdins for the best quality lamb.  If you are ever in WV, I’ll give you some lamb chops or a leg roast to try.  Thank you, Steven Martin, Church View Farm, Romney, WV

  3. Annie Hoy says:

    Thank you Daniel and Mirra for such a beautiful tribute to Ashland Food Co-op’s lamb provider. I hadn’t seen Tommy since he was a pup, which reminds me that I’ve got to get out to Magnolia Farm soon so I can pet the dogs and give hugs to M and A.

  4. Beebomb3 says:

    Such beautiful people on such a beautiful farm!

  5. Thegoodcook says:

    I love my grass fed sweetgrass lamb from Montana. My hats off to the fine people who raise, treat, slaughter and finally consume any animal with dignity. 

  6. Sean says:

    Great episode. This article appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education this morning and I think it relates very well to what you captured in Oregon. http://chronicle.com/article/The-Vegetarian-Lesson/128562/ 
    Enjoy the Pacific Northwest!

  7. Leichefmike says:

    Great show Daniel, I to have a border collie and Molly is very smart and definitely lives in the house at night.
    Love you guys keep it up
    Uncle Mike 

  8. “It’s a very serious thing to kill an animal.”  I could cry, this was so good.

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  10. Tom Byg says:

    Nice segment…heartwarming to see that they have such similar emotional ties to what they do as a local couple here,who raise sheep in Penn valley,CA. James Ranch.  A vital component to the quality of the lamb.

  11. I’m so happy you not only stopped in Ashland, but that you came further north and shared the source of your lamb with us! I live in a community surrounding Roseburg, and it warms my heart and makes me proud to be able to support people like M farms. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      they were pretty awesome.  I ended up doing back stretches with them as well – that was the start of back pain.  love those dogs too

  12. Khaiti says:

    She’s a gem this one, I hope more and more farmers keep thinking like this about their animals.

  13. Border Collies are the best dogs EVAR!!!  Great one.

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