Episode 68: A Tale of Three Seasides

There was so much seaside goodness along the West Coast that we had to combine several ocean episodes into one video. Watch as we forage for greens with Hank Shaw (honest-food.net), dig for a giant clam called a geoduck with John Adams and Langdon Cook, and make our own salt with the young Chef from Herbfarm.  Then we cooked a meal at the kitchen of a new friend…who we met on Facebook.  Watch and enjoy.

9 responses to “Episode 68: A Tale of Three Seasides”

  1. There’s a dude is wearing an Arc’teryx jacket to dig a hole…..how cool is that!

  2. Ayn says:

    who knew iceplant was edible – i guess if the world comes to a screeching halt, i can always live in the freeway and munch on it.
    maybe mosquitos have a purpose too , after all…… ayn

  3. Kimberley says:

    For the record, Langdon Cook has a great blog too: http://fat-of-the-land.blogspot.com/. 

    Thanks for another awesome episode! I only wish that they were longer!

  4. christa says:

    Say, that Chef from the Herbfarm is pretty cute….

  5. Great to see Hank on camera after all these years. Are those sea beans not also called ‘sea asparagus’? Pretty sure that’s what they’re called here. Such cool adventures, lucky you two.

  6. This makes me hungry for a second. I enjoyed watching the video. 

  7. maxacadie says:

    I’m just discovering this se site and i love it!?,!
    I particularly appreciated this episode.
    First, iceplant in my part the world (eastern Canada) Acadie, we call it (in french) : tetine de souris, which literally transplant to : mouse’s nipple…
    Then, in the end or the episode, you’re cooking a big clam that has been featured in a populaire Quebec tv show. It was quite the funny episode. Here is how they reacted :



  8. cookiqueen says:

    I’ve been watching old episodes (all amazing, by the way) and completely died of laughter at you guys digging a geoduck. I grew up down the road from Bainbridge and helped dig up geoducks myself once. Definitely more trouble than it’s worth.

    Thanks for an enjoyable episode!

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