Episode 69: Mountain Morels

As a Minnesotan, Morels are prized.  Having been defeated in my home state and Iowa, left with only 1 mushroom to share between many, Washington was a chance for revenge.  We went out with author and forager Langdon Cook — into the Eastern Cascades, many miles up the mountains and to a “burn zone.”  These much coveted spots are the birthing place of mountains of morels.  Lucky enough to have a lead, we learned the ins and outs of this western version of a Minnesota treasure.

19 responses to “Episode 69: Mountain Morels”

  1. Beth says:

    Now that is camping!  What a wonderful episode!

  2. Sean A. says:

    Ok… I’m pretty hungry now. What an amazing place to have a good meal, some good wine, and enjoy the company of friends.

  3. Brother Peter says:

    oh snap! Shake Your Peace!

  4. jolly britt says:

    jarred morels from the mega store in Calais can not compete

  5. maris says:

    I am in love with the morels and the song, and this episode!

  6. Nfriedman says:

    What an awesome episode! I was salivating just watching it.

  7. Thegoodcook says:

    Glad you remembered your knife this year. I LOVE morels. Just ate the last of mine (frozen) from last year. But fresh it best. Time to hunt!

  8. Kelly Barta says:

    Amazing and beautiful!  did you ever figure that tent out, Daniel?  😉

    • Anonymous says:

      yes, but it was embarassing

      • Kelly Barta says:

        this was one of my favorites so far (not just because of the good laugh at your expense..hehe)..the video was just put together so nicely and such a beautiful location as well.  Looking forward to the next one as usual– thank you guys. 🙂 

  9. Guy P. Murdock says:

    You guys find the best stories in the best locations. I only wish they were longer.
    Thanks for what you’re doing…, the 2 of you do great work together. Meeting the
    2 of you in Maine was a treat.~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

  10. David Wells says:

    It was nice. It was almost like you could breath the fresh mountain air and eat it as well1 

  11. Heidi says:

    That meal looks absolutely awesome….and such an awesome place to enjoy it too!  Love it!!!!

  12. do you know the mushroom man? says:

    How do I get that Shake Your Peace! song? in love with it!

  13. […] (video below) is one of my favorites of the moment, but they are all moving. Be sure to watch them hunt for morels in Washington, visit kids farming in Portland or go froggin’ in Arkansas. It’s a great series that […]

  14. Ah, success. Cool to see Langdon doing his thing on video!

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