Episode 70: The Cows and The Horses

Almost halfway through our journey, we found a place where it would be easy to never leave.  The beauty of Montana is stunning, and the approach to ranching at J Bar L is inspiring.  Situated on 30,000 acres in one of the most important wild life corridors in the country, this ranch tries to replicate the bisons’ role in this habitat.  The result is an area packed with wildlife, fertile soil as well as a healthy and delicious meat.  AND the folks who run this place touched our hearts and became our friends.

13 responses to “Episode 70: The Cows and The Horses”

  1. Beautiful fish. How did it turn out?

  2. One of my favorites thus far…unbelievable beauty….

  3. Kelly Barta says:

    I fall in love with each and every one of your adventures. 🙂  Great, great work!!

  4. How about next time ‘Catch and Release’

  5. you two look like you could be brothers, and it sounds like in many ways you are. thank you for yet another gorgeous picture of our country. i can’t believe how completely envious i am of your trip and experiences.

  6. Pking25 says:

    I am a contributor to your project and one of the reasons why I enjoy your work and your videos is that after watching the videos I can tell that my oxytocin levels are rising and I am momentarily at peace. Thanks.

  7. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    Thank you for another beautiful view of whats possible and positive in our country. It’s the next best thing to being there, except this way we get to hear their story.

  8. Croper56 says:

    geez I wish you guys were the ones responsible for the (now) hideous mustang roundups. might be a totally different experience with your group in charge!!
    Thank you.

  9. Awesome to see sustainable and natural practices creating healthy tasty food.  This was great!

  10. What a great video. We The Garage in Bozeman, Montana are proud to serve J Bar L raised beef. It allows us to deliver a quality, locally raised meat. 

  11. Teri Bedell says:

    Second time I’ve watched this episode… second time it has brought tears to my eyes.  Such a wonderful sight to see people handle animals with such grace and compassion.   When I feel down and out with what go’s on in our country and world, I know I can come to Perennial plate and feel good again.  

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