Episode 73: Detroit Dirt

There’s a lot going on in Detroit. After years of decay, excitement is growing around urban gardens. Previously abandoned lots are being turned into food producing centers. In this video, we follow Greg and Olivia from Detroit Dirt and Brother Nature Produce. They have an acre of empty-lot-land that they’ve turned into a small farm.  On top of that they’re developing a compost center in the city for easy access to urban farmers to use.  Enjoy and get excited!

18 responses to “Episode 73: Detroit Dirt”

  1. Juliodavila20 says:

    great music!

  2. Bebopblair says:

    this one is my fav so far! keep em coming!!!! If you decide to go international, I’m in the Netherlands and would LOVE to connect you two to the food scene!

  3. Cj2169 says:

    Fantastic video, thank you!

  4. Anna says:

    And then the hipsters came along…

  5. Brother Peter says:

    Links to music in this episode – 

    http://soundcloud.com/aaronmaxwell – aaron maxwell
    http://listener.bandcamp.com/ – Listener
    http://soundcloud.com/murdercassette – Broke/



  6. Mitch Hensel says:

    This episode again brings back old memories of gardening at my grandparents house in Pontiac, Michigan as a kid growing up. We must have been way ahead of the curve because we were composting back then in the mid sixties. How true what Greg said of the different flavors of the fresh produce versus the processed foods of today.
    It does make my heart ache to see the once great Motor City in such decay, God bless the folks that are making an honest effort to bring healthy food to the tables of the inner city.
    Daniel, you need to step it up a bit on the cooking side of the episodes. I really enjoy the episodes with the picking or slaughtering or whatever, and then preparing an fantastic dish. 
    Thanks Mirra for the postcard from Montana, that was nice of you guy’s to send one. Also got the tee shirt and DVD and the shirt fit nicely. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • Adam Pitcher says:

      “Daniel, you need to step it up a bit on the cooking side of the episodes.” – Mitch Hensel, a person who feels the need to tell others what to do.

  7. Jessyka says:

    What brewery helps make the compost?

  8. Eminp9 says:

    great video, but it went 30 seconds too long. Could have done without the rich guy comments (was he a volunteer?)

    • Adam Pitcher says:

      I could have done without Eminp9 complaining to the earnest and talented filmmakers who brought us here in the first place that this episode of their very nice show wasn’t edited properly.

  9. Hipsters leading to non-profits who then pose as making change is a particularly unique perspective – one I haven’t heard called out so blatantly. I’ve been finding lately that change is most effective when started at home, at grassroots. The organizations will respond to it. Doesn’t work so well the other way round. I know many don’t agree.

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