Episode 75: Four Corners

Intentional communities, draft horses, farmstead cheese… it all sounds a little bit Vermont.  That’s because it is!  This week we visit Cobb Hill, a co-housing community in the North East where communal has taken a more comfortable turn and appears to be doing very well.  Oh and I make Corn Chowder and Mirra Dances.

18 responses to “Episode 75: Four Corners”

  1. Anna says:

    More singing and dancing please!

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  3. Austin Lindstrom says:


  4. MaxiOne says:

    Beautiful. I suggest that Occupy Wall St participants consider getting jobs on farms!

  5. Marissa Bader says:

    My favorite! So cute with the dancing and singing!

  6. Juliaderby says:

    Love you guys more and more! 

  7. Anonymous says:

    what was that you were making out of the corn cobs?  was it a broth?

  8. Brother Peter says:

    Two words: Wendell Berry. That community though I think is indicative of a main problem that Wendell saw – where are all the young people? What that community is doing is so awesome. Why aren’t there young people there keeping it up? As a side note – I love Vermont.

  9. Back2Future says:

    That was wonderful. I’m retired now, but this would have been my dream, years ago. I’m so lucky to live in Vermont.

  10. Tasty-lookin’ soup, and second Austin below on the dancin’ and singin’. 

    I’ve often thought those that can manage communal living have something figured out that the rest of us don’t. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    This was really quite wonderful. Thank you for bringing it to my attention Stephen. I REALLY enjoyed and appreciated this!

  12. Leslie says:

    Good grief you two get more adorable every episode! Love that we get to see more of Mirra.  When’s the cookbook coming out?

  13. Bonandbun says:


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  15. Humabeg says:

    Sooo refreshing! Many kernels of ideas pop in the head when you see something like this. Sweet success of practical achieving what so many of us just dream of….

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