Episode 77: Lobster Pie

Lobster fisherman get up very early, they work hard, they hate government regulations and if you try to trap in their area, you might end up with some broken legs.  Just kidding!  But only sort of… enter Lewis of the Pemaquid Lobster co-op, an adorable sous chef, and a kickass Maine Lobster Bake.

5 responses to “Episode 77: Lobster Pie”

  1. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    Honest, human, natural, joyous, candid, salty and sweet;…..so much and too little at the same time.
    LOVED the photography and  the music.

  2. Elly Fine says:

    Some may considerr me bias, but I think the episodes get better and better every week with the addition of more cameos of Mirra.

  3. Brother Peter says:

    I’d just like to say that it is nit possible to volunteer against one’s will… You either volunteer or you get forced against your will. That is all

  4. I caught the ocean bug when I was a kid, and love anything related to being on a boat with a local guide. Or being on a fishing boat then eating what comes onto the dock. Or anything related to fishing boats, I suppose.

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