Episode 80: Turkeyless Interlude

No one wants anything to do with food this week unless it has something to do with Thanksgiving.  We’ve killed turkeys for our thanksgiving videos the last two years… See Episodes 36 and 1.  Not this year. Here we just have a quick video of recipes in case you haven’t figured out your sides yet. Mashed Sunchokes, Marinated Brussel Sprout Salad and Celery Root Stuffing.  Next week we’ll be back on the road – in NYC.

10 responses to “Episode 80: Turkeyless Interlude”

  1. Mitch says:

    Great Season ! It is great to see that you both have made it home safe and sound, also great to hear that you will be starting again with the cooking/recipes portion. Have a Great Holiday Season

  2. excellent. Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite sides, although my family mostly hates them. I glad to hear that you will be doing more cooking portions. I enjoyed this series a lot, but have to say that my favorite part of the first was the cooking aspect.

  3. Robyn Perry says:

    OMG. I miss you guys. My fam and I are observing the annual Thanksgiving ritual of watching Perennial Plate vids together. Please don’t leave as soon as I come back to Minnesota. It hurts.

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  5. Aynz says:

    so robyn made the brussels sprouts dish for us last week.  she followed your instructions to the T, however we all agreed it smelled and tasted like bananas.  not a good smell for a veggie/rice dish.  i give it the thumbs down.  but then, i ate brussels sprouts incessantly as a hungry hippie so maybe its just me.

  6. Oh dude you guys made me laugh. Hard. Repeatedly. This has to be one of the all-time funniest episodes. I’m gonna go re-watch it…

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