Episode 85: Goose Dilemma

Apparently Canadian Geese aren’t supposed to be hanging out in Virginia in huge numbers — eating wine makers’ grapes .  This episode follows Jackson Landers, a writer and hunter who is focused on Invasive Species in their many forms.  In this video we hunt (although not in a normal hunting style, hunters – this was for culling, not for sport) some geese on a winery and make burgers.  Mirra also adds her two cents.

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  1. Maesa says:

    no dilemma here, nicely done.

  2. Thegoodcook says:

    Here in NJ Canadian Geese are hunted and the meat donated to food pantries and soup kitchens. The geese are so prolific they foul our waterways, spread disease through their excrement and are generally a nuisance. No problem here with hunting an invasive species or any species (for that matter) for food. Culling any herd be it deer, bear or geese is good for the overall population and health of the herd itself (or gaggle…)

  3. Humans cause most of our own problems – here, the description of how Canadian Geese were “bred up lots” by biologists who thought it was a good idea to relocate flocks for hunters, now they are invasive pests similar to the feral pigs in the southeast, killer bees all over the south, etc… For the short-term, this culling is a necessary evil; however, I am happy to see it performed in an ethically-sound manner. This is not a bunch of hunters that seek only the kill; this is done with conscious and the animal is honorably (and apparently deliciously) consumed. But long-term, WE humans need to find better ways to manage our coexistence with creation and stop trying to manage creation. 

  4. tai haku says:

    Good video. These are a problem in the UK too and I think laws and attitudes are changing as people try to both knock back the invasive population and allow them to be used. Were those parasol mushrooms behind Mirra and Jackson in the middle section btw?

  5. Wendy Fine says:

    I appreciated hearing that there was thought that went into the shooting of these birds, and what that thinking was.

  6. Capsandcreamery says:

    only offensive thing here is your wife drinking coffee out of a paper cup vs reusable mug

  7. Capsandcreamery says:

    i love what you are doing btw and talk you up on fb as much as possible.  keep it up…

  8. Robflyhang says:

    Canadian Goose an invasive species in Virginia/Chesapeake Bay? Mutants bred by scientists? Good Golly Miss Molly…This must be where the phrase “Silly Goose” came from. Yes, they are migrating less, and staying put more, for many reasons.
    Try reading “Chesapeake” by Mitchner…..I am all for hunting, but BE REAL

  9. Robflyhang says:

    To be fair…and informative…I wish to add….. Canadian Geese are a Migratory Game Bird….falling under FEDERAL jurisdiction. Individual states had/have no say in the matter.It is a SERIOUS crime to kill migratory game birds outside of the Federal Regulations…..As in raid your house, search your freezer, seize your firearms, boats, motor vehicles, assets, revoke hunting privileges, prison time, etc etc. For MANY years, we, as in people aware of the problem, have requested permission to remove nuisance geese. We were met by a stone cold wall from the Feds….a stupid blind NO. This was an issue so many years ago, I lost track of it. I see snippets of news where “they” have finally allowed nuisance removal by special permit.

     Don’t bother to pluck if you have many…….which today is normal in many areas. Just skin out breast and put in Crock Pot

  10. i have no problems at all seeing animals get shot as they roam the wilderness,i like to think they had a good happy life and then, poof, they are meat.much much better life and ending than most animals raised and farmed for human consumtion.

  11. To add to this, we’ve created a food belt on their migratory path – a food resource that didn’t used to exist. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, it was a rare occurrence to see a goose here, now they’re everywhere. If we got rid of much of our grain and legume cash-crops [to bring the feed situation more in balance] and allowed some predators back into the game, we might see the populations even out. Not going to happen any time soon.

  12. This is another great episode, and is probably just about as “ethical” as you can get while eating meat. Still, as others have said, these “problem” geese are a problem because of the actions of humans. As David said, we introduced them and bred out their migratory instincts; as Kevin said, we cultivate perfect food crops for them. As hasn’t been mentioned, we (notably the hunters who wanted these geese introduced in the first place) killed all the natural predators that would normally keep a population of invasive giant geese in check: Wolves, foxes, cougars, lynx, bobcats, bears, and small carnivores. Not to mention hunting the native bird species that would have occupied the niches that these geese now fill.

    All too often, animals like these geese are the ones who end up paying the price for humankind’s ignorance, egotism, and hubris.

  13. JDKIowa says:

    I dated a gal back in the mid 90’s and she actually broke up with me when I showed the pheasants I had shot.  I was shocked, but you gotta stand by your beliefs I guess.

  14. Metolius says:

    I love your stuff man.  Keep up the good work, need more like you!

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  16. Tim Haines says:

    Does anyone else want to know what the goose burger recipe was?  Looked tasty.  

  17. rohn says:

    i love the drama you created with mirra’s sensibilities
    i am part time vegetarian/full time soft hearted wuss and can relate totally

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