Episode 89: Moonshine and Molasses

John McEntire says he’s the only person in the world that grows Crooked Creek Corn, a once common crop in the South East.  On our trip to his North Carolina farm, John shared stories and tastes of his heirloom corn and the moonshine it can produce, as well as a drink of the sweet juice made from sorghum and the molasses it reduces into.  The south in two crops.

8 responses to “Episode 89: Moonshine and Molasses”

  1. Tia Bednar says:

    Oh Daniel, I wish I knew you were here in my hometown (Asheville,NC)! I have been helping with other farm film projects here and would have loved to met you. I am the immediate past president of Slow Food Asheville and I am glad you sought out John.  He is a sweetheart, and I have been trying to nominate his corn to be in the National Slow Food Ark of Taste so it gets preserved.  Maybe we can meet if you are ever in town again…….hope you enjoyed your visit!

    Tia Bednar

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  3. Nico says:

    You could at least play Japanese music in the background, instead of Japanese (the Yoshida Brothers). 
    What a faux pas. 

  4. Jonathan says:

    Why no mention of Troy & Sons Distillery in this video??  They’re making some incredible and creative spirits and have a beautiful show room which it looks like you visited. 

    • danielpklein says:

      it does show the distillery as well as a bottle of Troy and Sons.  however our visit there didn’t yield the story we were hoping for, so we left that part out

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