Episode 94: Carolina Gold

On our way through South Carolina, we cooked a multi-course dinner with Sean Brock (of Husk and McCrady’s) consisting entirely of grains from Anson Mills — the seminal grits and rice producer in the United States. But before we embarked on dishes like sweet bread and red fife ravioli, we spent a day with the brains and passion behind the Southern Food Renaissance: Glenn Roberts. Through our interaction with this inspirational man and the chef under his tutelage, we learned and enjoyed more than we could handle. This episode aims to share that experience.

13 responses to “Episode 94: Carolina Gold”

  1. Fillyfilm says:

    Really wonderful once again. My fiance and I are taking part of our honeymoon in July, in Charleston, namely to dine at Husk & McGrady’s. A great sneak peek into the mentality of the chef.

  2. pjbfcp says:

    Great Episode! Glenn Roberts seems like a really smart guy. Thanks for sharing his knowledge.

  3. Joel says:

    Glenn Roberts gets it. Nailed it, even. He should be the spokesperson for the local foods movement.

  4. IceboxFarm says:

    Another awesome episode!  Thanks for all that you guys are doing.

  5. Rusty Star says:

    I enjoy what you two are producing! What is fun for me is to see the progress and improvements your productions have made in the last two years. Keep having fun doing what you love to do.

  6. Robin Carlson says:

    I am learning so much through your videos and stories.  Thank you.

  7. Deane Bruner says:

    Having grown up in Carolina many years ago this warms my heart

  8. Cheryl Kohan says:

    Outstanding!  Beautiful food and beautiful philosophy.

  9. Jeremy L. Hansen says:

    the dream

  10. Skipper_h_99 says:

    I love your music choices. 

  11. Leonard H. says:

    just simply wonderful, two guys who really get it, and are doing the right thing, full out, every day.

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