Episode 95: Big Fat Mullet

There are two types of mullet in Florida: One is a hair style made popular in the nineties, the other is a type of fish. We chose to focus on the latter (sorry, but it’s super sustainable and really healthy). Some people love it, some people hate it (for no good reason). But one thing’s for sure, there’s a ton of it. We went out with Captain Anthony Manalli in the waters off the coast of Anna Maria Island in Florida. He taught me to throw a net, and I convinced him to eat raw mullet and white roe (you’ll have to watch the episode to see what that is). All in all, it was a good day of fishing.

13 responses to “Episode 95: Big Fat Mullet”

  1. Joel says:

    So how were both roe? They look fantastic. Mullet was my favorite fish to watch while I kayaked and canoed for years throughout Florida.

    • danielpklein says:

      The raw white roe was incredible, so smooth and silky — one of the best new things I’ve tried in a long time. cooked it wasn’t as good, but still very good and the roe was delicious of course, both raw and lightly sauteed.

  2. Thank you for capturing the essence of the the people and place we call home. We founded AMFC to secure the livelihood of people like Anthony and are so grateful to Perennial Plate for choosing to highlight an under appreciated community and the fish that it was built around. Now let’s get everyone ready to taste some mullet!

  3. David Smith says:

    That was a joyful episode. I like Capt. Manalli’s attitude.

  4. MikeC says:

    I’m totally floored by that perfect tossing of the big net, on your first attempt! I’ve been learning on teensy 8′ nets for herring in SF Bay for 2 years now, I’m not half that good. Maybe you should take up golf, as well…

  5. Simon Bao says:

    What *kind* of mullet are those?  I assume they are one of the gray mullets, but there must be 50 different kinds of gray mullet.  I’d be willing to try some gray mullet, on YOUR recommendation and despite their reputation as baitfish, but only if I know what kind of mullet is the best choice.

    And the *species* of mullet may well matter.  A person might find a plate of planked American shad to be very tasty, but the same dish made with gizzard shad will send people fleeing.

  6. Ironworkersammy1 says:

    u go anthony-dont give up all your secerts -love u so much my brother

  7. Chet & Jenny says:

    I love your fish, (as long as it has scales)  wish I had some to fix for Chet for supper. He’d eat all of it if I let him.
    Love you both very much and wish we could see you. But,,,, know we can’t. Just know, there is NOT a day goes by, I don’t think of you both. NEVER!!!!
    Hope you both catch hundreds… Enjoy, kids..
    Love, Chet & Jenny 

  8. Ryan says:

    I’ve thrown a cast net off the coasts of North and South Carolina my whole life, yet have never eaten mullet.  This summer, that’s changing.

  9. Mitch Hensel says:

    Very impressed with your mastering of the cast net !!!

  10. Bert Howard says:

    Great net throwing by both. Cannot believe that was his first time throwing that BIG net. It is harder than it looks for sure. And while I somewhat hate to see the secret of the mullet exposed…most will still never know what an excellent fish this is and how many years of pleasure it has brought many generations of my Florida family. Great video! Thanks for a great site.

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