Episode 98: Fire Starter

This video is a sort of meditation on survival and the beauty of doing things that are no longer necessary, but still worth doing. It takes place on a fall day in Andalusia, Alabama where we collected invasive Corbicula Clam with Jimmy and Sierra Stiles. After wading in the river looking for the creatures, we cooked them over a fire… made by hand.

14 responses to “Episode 98: Fire Starter”

  1. Austin Lindstrom says:

    Does anyone in MN collect zebra mussels for food?

  2. Andy Deines says:

    I love you are trying to do here, cooking and eating invasive species like zebra mussels, but I don’t think that the mussels you showed are zerbra mussels.  The coloring was a little off, but mostly the size:  those would be HUGE zebra mussels.  Zebra mussels also tend to grow in very dense clusters in the water column, not buried in the sand.  I think you may have dined on some other of the 300 or so native species in North America, hopefully not one of the many that are threatened or endangered!  I think eating wild food is great, and the idea of eating invasive species is enticing, but proper identification is critical to your health, ecosystem function and reducing invasive populations.  

    • danielpklein says:

      I realized that those mussels didn’t look as much like Zebra mussels as those that you see congregating around pipes etc.  I will double check with the folks who showed me, they were very knowledgable and actually worked for the park.  We harvested them from that area because the water was clean, i think that is why they weren’t so many of them.  thanks

    • danielpklein says:

      Hey Andy – you were right, it was a Corbicula Clam.  Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Rodger Helwig says:

    Terrific piece. So simple, so sublime. So survival at it’s primal best.

  4. Mark says:

    Great piece. But tell me, how were the Zebra mussels? I have thought about eating them but never tried. Perhaps the best remedy for an invasive species is a good recipe.

  5. Robflyhang says:

    Very nice episode. Use of a “common name” is tricky…..best to know the Latin name. They most certainly are not what we call Invasive Zebra Mussels in the Northeast. They can also be razor sharp. I have a large, permanent scar on my leg from a “close encounter”

  6. Kevin says:

    Lovely as usual.

  7. Stephen D. says:

    love the intro, very minimalist. Great as always!

  8. Foody 2 and Oliver says:

    Mirra and Daniel……this is a masterpiece. Only artists with your heart, soul, spirit and vision could capture this the way you have.

  9. Oooh, didn’t even wait until Ep 100 for a titling change. 😉
    Lovely song, lovely picture, lovely content. Well done.

  10. shelly says:

    probably my favorite one in a while…so beautiful… humble yet profound…

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