Louisville Goats: Episode 100 of The Perennial Plate

Jean-Marie herds goats within the Louisville city limits. He sells them to the growing immigrant and refugee population. Goat isn’t yet popular with all Southerns, but it reminds Jean-Marie of his home in Burundi. This video captures the day we spent with him and his family.

5 responses to “Louisville Goats: Episode 100 of The Perennial Plate”

  1. Cheers, indeed. That moment was great. I love goat. It’s a sweeter, less funky lamb. Better than lamb. Anyone who eats lamb that won’t eat meat is missing out a lot.

  2. Brian Joubert says:

    Great! You had goat and ugali…washed down with beer. I like goat too.

  3. David Smith says:

    This was a very sweet, sensitive episode. I would like to know what they were preparing in the large bowl at the beginning of the episode, with the spices…the ingredients and if there’s a name for the dish. It looked as though it contained some offal and a lot of spice. Was that what was grilled later in the episode, as kebabs?

  4. Peter Klein says:

    Congrats on 100, love the work the 2 of you do and how through Education you will change us all.  Great job this week, I felt the heart of that man

  5. FoodCycle says:

    Raising Tide T-shirt it a wonderful touch! (Yeah Maine)

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