Episode 110: A Tale of Two Rooftops

As a series we’ve covered a number of urban farms, it’s a subject that’s near and dear to our hearts as urbanites.  Farms in the city, and particularly rooftop farms seem to be an obvious way to make positive change in our food systems.  For that reason we wanted to see what two iconic Chinese cities had to offer.  We found a burgeoning new movement with two charismatic folks at the forefront.    Meet our farmers from Beijing and Hong Kong.  Special Thanks to Intrepid Travel.

9 responses to “Episode 110: A Tale of Two Rooftops”

  1. Greg says:

    How much do I love this? Answer: A lot. The thing that’s so great about what you do is finding the charm. It really brings home how personal these topics, discussions, experiences really are. Thanks for that important reminder!

  2. I adore that a couple of newbs can rock the scene. Love it.

  3. Great video. I was drawn right in! Thanks Daniel!

  4. maryhui says:

    Lovely video!

  5. Cleversticks says:

    I just discovered your series and I really love them. Thank you so much.

  6. That rooftop gardener is so animated and happy when he talks about his garden! I know exactly how he feels, the joy of planting a seed and then eating what grows from it. Such a basic thing that many people in the 21st century have not experienced.

  7. Erika Roebino says:

    I accidentaly found this link from tastemade, and now I can’t hardly wait to see another series, it’s fresh like planting on the roof…

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