Jason Ring: Out of Necessity

In between our International videos, we wanted to share a short film we made for a new website DarkRye.com (it’s a side project of Whole Foods). We normally wouldn’t post it on our site, but we loved the family in the video so much that we couldn’t not share. This is a backyard farming/chicken story in all its glory.  WARNING: a bit graphic

7 responses to “Jason Ring: Out of Necessity”

  1. Seeker says:

    I spoke to a third grade teacher who after asking her students to draw chicken, there were several who drew a packet in the freezer. Yes, I do believe we need to pay attention, to be in touch, to not take it too terribly easy; to perhaps work a little more for what we take.

  2. Duncan says:

    Thank you for sharing

  3. Greg says:

    You guys are awesome for making this, and for sharing it. This dude is 200% right about having kids participate in growing and harvesting food, especially the meat we eat. Far from being barbaric or gross, it’s educational, and it gives kids a sense of purpose. My dad grew up on a farm, and he’d take us back regularly to help our grandparents at different times of the year: hog killing time, apple picking time, planting time. It’s important to know where our food comes from, and few things feel as good as feeling like you contributed to the process in a positive way.

  4. Jason Ring says:

    Thanks so much for posting and for having enough faith in our story to fly all the way to Socal and film -jason

  5. thefishingbob says:

    Nice job guys. We need more of the “where it came from” pieces. There’s a reason the folks in the grocery store aren’t called Farmers or Ranchers.

  6. Meghan says:

    Beautiful, Happy, Sad, Triumphant, Worrisome, Aspirational, Inspirational…all of it, wrapped up in one. This brought tears to my eyes watching this because it was so right and true and wonderful. It makes me want to tear out all my grass and plant food throughout my whole back yard.

  7. khaiti says:

    i love love love what this family i doing- it was not so long ago this was normal. Embracing the life of the food we eat. Good job Ring family, more should be doing what you are, seriously. And it’s a beautifully done video! However- my hackles went up when I saw Whole Foods- what does their business have to do with these wonderful folks? If they are using the image of this family to bolster their brand? And are they implying the chicken they sell in their stores comes from super small scale farms like this?

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