Episode 126: The Truffle Hunters

The locals in Marche, Italy have been eating truffles since they were children… long before they were a prized possession in most of the world. Now the region (the truffle center of Italy) is dotted with hidden spots that trained truffle hunters and their dogs traverse each year. We spent a day with a truffle hunter, his dog, and his dealer.

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10 responses to “Episode 126: The Truffle Hunters”

  1. rohn says:

    funny wise and made me want to eat truffles
    wasn’t that what the white queen gave wicked edmond in narnia ??
    trukish truffles ??

    by the way the bloody comments feature doesn’t work unless you post as a guest

  2. Tgw318 says:

    Lovely! Just returned from La Marche and missing it already.

  3. GregV says:

    It’s not unusual for everyone around me to notice when I’m watching one of your videos, because I tend to be a very vocal viewer (“Oooo!” “Are you SERIOUS?” “Awww”). But this one probably annoyed my office mates more than any other video. The view, the dog, the unintentional practice for my Italian class, and finally, the truffle pasta and truffle omelet combo. I’m done, officially short-circuited, all raved out. Bzzt. Nice work.

    PS He’s right about the dog.

  4. Foody 2 and Oliver says:

    Didn’t have a clue that this is what it took to fine truffles. Loved the dog and how he was cherished. Fascinating, funny, touching and once again the music framed this story beautifully.

  5. Alanna says:

    That pause after asking if you were married is SO perfect, and so perfectly Italian. Loved the video!

    – Alanna @ One Tough Cookie

  6. disqus_gShAvxzjx7 says:

    Apecchio it’s the name, not Pecchio, 😉

  7. JR says:

    Such a fantastic episode! Loved it!

  8. Amber J says:

    So bummed you didn’t get a chance to film in Sicily! My hubby and I live here and it’s truly so different than mainland Italia. Excellent series! And you are welcome anytime should you make it out this way!

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