Episode 131: Kars Honey

Eastern Turkey is famous for its pure honey. The nectar comes only from wild mountain flowers and the native “Caucasian” bees are never given any sugar to increase production. But this bee and way of life are under threat from non-native species and over commercialization. Watch to find out what truly natural honey is. Special thanks to Intrepid Travel and Balyolu

12 responses to “Episode 131: Kars Honey”

  1. Finn says:

    Your disciplined pursuit of this project is inspiring. This body of work is making a real contribution to food and environmental media.

  2. Kevin Wenzel says:

    Gosh I hope they are able to continue the tradion of bee keeping. greedy outsiders doing damge real or assumed still does damage.

  3. Kerry says:

    Wish I could taste it!

    If they never give them sugar… are the keepers just less greedy and leave more honey for the bees that what is typically done in the States?

    • Mirra Fine says:

      Hi Kerry, Yes.. These Turkish beekeepers leave a portion of the honey for the bees to feed on…which is one of the reasons their honey production is smaller.

  4. MaryQMc says:

    Such an important story and told so beautifully (as usual!) There are so many layers to the unfortunate predicament bees and other pollinators are in right now. Thanks for your attention to this story, Daniel and Mirra!

  5. jude says:

    hey daniel and mirra! thank you for the beautiful and very important stories you tell. much love to you both!

  6. Jon says:

    Nice job. Very important this for the environmental sustainability. I’m recomending your site to my Turkish friends.

  7. Nichole Sager says:

    I would love to sit,listen and taste with these families of bee keepers. So many of your episodes capture the simplicity and beauty of people that so many miss.Thank you for telling us their story-the villagers and the bees 🙂

  8. Antonio Di Giorgio says:

    How I can translate “Kilic” bees??

    It’s so strange that they kill queen bee of caucasian…

  9. Thank you so much for introducing us to these beekeepers!

  10. Naz Karahan says:

    As a Turkish, I’ve only been able to try this real Kars honey once in my life. What a chance you got! And what a great work they are doing and protecting their culture..
    Loved your works!!

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