Episode 132: Moments in Morocco

Two weeks in Morocco boiled down to three minutes. This incredible country has a lot more than tagines, spice markets and mint tea… although it has those too. Enjoy! Special thanks to Intrepid Travel.

26 responses to “Episode 132: Moments in Morocco”

  1. LY says:

    Beautiful! Which cities are shown here? Essaouira … ?

  2. Lara says:

    Love it! Reminds me of my time in Morocco years ago.

  3. Sarah Kenney says:

    That was really fantastic. Loved this one!

  4. rohn says:

    whoa really cool
    i liked it
    i can only imagine how difficult it was to film there
    maybe the subject of a blog post : )

    • danielpklein says:

      yes, i think it will be. by far the most difficult place we’ve had to film. really challenging. as a result we only have one other video from morocco

  5. Jon says:

    Is about 11h45 and you woke up my belly… those beautiful colors, those dishes… Uuummm! I could even smell them through the screen.

    • danielpklein says:

      hope you had some north african food on hand

      • Jon says:

        Ha, ha, ha! Wish I had it… I only had a yogurt at the office, luckily a real one… I had my revenge at lunchtime with some wild boletus edulis, octopus and a slowly cooked pig like the one in the picture I’m trying to attach from the site of the restaurant.

  6. nadia says:

    The best food ever!!!

  7. love love the video. thanks for going beyond the cliche! Where’s Fez though? Worth another trip if you missed it…uh, yeah, i have a riad here so i admit to being biased 😉

  8. Adri says:

    Amazing! The music is such a driver, almost hypnotic. I also love how visual and almost tactile is the food.

  9. Nichole Sager says:

    I can’t help asking..what did that butter taste like?..my mouth was watering to try it with some homemade bread or flat bread..or tossed with some couscous.

  10. LKG says:

    Is this a gnawa band playing? Anyone know the name of the band?

    • yousef says:

      Yes it is Gnawa music, quite a modified version. Also, in Gnawa music it’s not bout the band but the “Maalam”, and this is Maalam Bakbo, and the song is called Lala Mirra.

  11. Alexander Eeckhout says:

    what kind of camera do you guys use?

  12. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    Loved how the music was perfectly in sinc with the texture and rhythm of everyone and everything that was filmed.

  13. rohn says:

    fantastic you guys rock

  14. Lisa Tygier Diamond says:

    Love how yall take such care, concern and bring us to such amazing and interesting remote places we’d otherwise never know and appreciate!

  15. Tony says:

    Fantastic images! Lived in Casa for about 2 and half years and this brought back memories of great food and great places. I’m so hungry now.

  16. Amber says:

    Love it! i love Morocco

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this such amazing and great article about Morocco.

  18. Fee says:

    Thank you for this! What a delight! Reminds me of fun times in Morocco

  19. awesome video really shows the beauty of Morocco ! thanks for sharing

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