Episode 133: The Second Law

We didn’t know what to expect when we climbed a few hours up the Todra Gorge in Morocco. Intrepid Travel had told us that we would be meeting a Nomadic Berber family and sleeping in a cave. We didnt plan to make a film out of our visit, but brought the camera anyways to get cutaways from our overall trip to the country. But when we arrived, we realized that this experience was going to be something quite different. And so we filmed a day and night in the life of this generous family.

10 responses to “Episode 133: The Second Law”

  1. MaryQMc says:

    Amazing……Sound design is perfect. Visuals breathtaking. Thanks, once again!

  2. rohn says:

    amazing that people can survive in such a climate and amazing that you captured it kudos

  3. spiralgal says:

    Speechless! Thank you…

  4. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gary Casebeer Ma. Comm MA. Ed says:


  6. Shevince says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Foody2 and Oliver says:

    Music felt like it was made by the wind.

  8. jim gerlach says:

    top notch! Captures the essence and soul of the place. Well done.

  9. CasaCabrones says:

    Purdy film, I love the wind in this one…
    This is also a great historical account. The berbers have been overlooked
    and nearly forgotten as tribes people. They we’re once very widespread.

  10. Santiago says:

    a lot of time since my last visit here and i watched this amazing episode. wow…

    did you shoot with anamorphic lenses?


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