Episode 134: One Minute in Mexico

Just about everything about Mexico is incredible, and the food… is unparalleled. Two weeks of eating and filming down to one minute of love.  Four more Mexico films to come! Special thanks to Intrepid Travel

7 responses to “Episode 134: One Minute in Mexico”

  1. Greg says:

    I love everything about this, except for the craving for street food that you just induced. (Okay, maybe I love that, too.) Happy new year!

  2. Carla J West says:

    Can you share your itinerary of places you went? We love mexico too, but have mostly spent time in coastal touristy locations. Would love to find the best foodie spots.

  3. Judy Chucker says:

    Mazel tov to the newly weds. I was jealous of Gumby and Jim for getting
    to witness the lovely event. Great video–beautiful, colorful, and makes
    my mouth water. A tribute to Mexico and its people. Thanks.

  4. Joan Athey, Victoria Canada says:

    Congratulations on your marriage! Dec. 30 meant that “freeze frame” took on a whole different meaning. Loved the Mexico minute. Artfully done. How I would love to see and taste that kind of food.

  5. Lynda in Big Lake says:

    I love your videos! And congratulations on your marriage. At least Dec. 30 was warmer than it is now!!!

  6. Very cool! Thanks! Congrats on the Wedding! May you continue to live a Happy &Healthy Life!

  7. Ida Vos says:

    congrats on your wedding, Wish you both a happy& healthy life. And bring us lots more lovely video’s and mouthwatering recipes. warmest regards from the Netherlands.

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