Episode 136: An Act of Resistance

Chocolate isn’t just a sweet treat. It is a food steeped in history and spirituality that has lost its place in Mexican agriculture and production. This is a story about bringing it back.  Special Thanks to Casa Tropical, CASFA Cooperative and Intrepid Travel.

17 responses to “Episode 136: An Act of Resistance”

  1. KAETsocanos says:

    Thank you. Beautiful. Are you aware of any organizations that are working on preserving land and traditions in Mexico? That are championing the idea of sustainability?

  2. cassis says:

    wow..what a shame….I appreciated the fact that thioswoman believes in the balance of nature and won’t kill off the squirrels because they have to eat too….what we are doing to the culture in our world and nature is sad. I did not know that chocolate was first introduced to the world from Mexico…now if I find any available I will purchase it to support their agriculture.

  3. Nath says:

    Wow – impressive video. as a chocolate lover (not a surprise knowing the country I’m from) this really saddened me. It would be a big shame to lose that part of our culture and history. If there’s any way that we can help support them, please do let us know. And congratulations on the video. it’s breath taking…

  4. ewolfinger says:

    Soulful, melancholic, and shot beautifully. Bravo!

  5. franzus says:

    This really touched me… you did a great job (as you always do)! Please keep on forever.

  6. Santiago Garrido says:

    What i love of this “Mexico Series” is the political content of the two stories I watched.

    It seems that your work and research reflects the internal fight that this country is living day by day.

    And i found the tone of both videos very very precise. I can’t wait for your adventures in Argentina.

    by the way nice words Daniel at you blog entry New Years Sense.

    take care,


  7. Josh says:

    beautiful…thank you for sharing her story with us.

  8. JamesMarcos says:

    Thank you very much Daniel, This was truly heartfelt. Thanks to the Elders who keep the sacred knowledge alive and for their work with the Plant Spirits, and the Plant Spirit of Cacao. She is powerful, who connects us back into our hearts and to the Earth. Thank you for the links. I was wondering if there is a longer video? Thank you again. -Mark

  9. Polly Unosleepy says:

    Taking our power back one inch at a time

  10. In solidarity…. sacredness needs to be respected….. http://www.savetheconfluence.com

  11. TLO says:

    DelaMilpaAtuMesa, un convivio de campesinos/as recuperando ayuda mutua, banco de semillas, intercambio con otros campesinos, Vandana S. etc. Chequa nuestros videos Yout y Vin y fb.

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