Episode 138: Linda Argentina

Here is the teaser/montage for our recent trip to Argentina.  Once again, it is two weeks of travel, learning and eating packed into a very short film.  Please watch and check back over the coming weeks for our films about grass fed beef, natural wine and mate!

6 responses to “Episode 138: Linda Argentina”

  1. Amy says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it! I really enjoyed the song as well, do you know the title and artist?

  2. Queen Sashy says:

    I’ve enjoyed EVERY SINGLE episode from day one. Keep up the magnificent work and congrats on being the finalist of the Saveur Awards!

  3. Sarah Kenney says:

    The videos just keep getting better and BETTER! This one is my favorite. Bravo!

  4. rohn says:

    you guys are emisarries of goodwill and kindness to the world

  5. Julieta González Blanco says:

    Very beautiful summary of my country. It shows that you enjoyed the many things this place offers. Loved! I´m going to share it

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