Cook it Raw Charleston Documentary

Last fall were were hired to film an event called “Cook it Raw” in Charleston South Carolina. It’s a gathering of avant-garde chefs and traditional food producers to explore the possibilities of cuisine; addressing innovation on the plate, while also looking at environmental, social, and cultural issues. The event culminated in a small dinner and a giant BBQ. We’ll resume our regular content soon with films from South Africa, but we thought you might enjoy this departure from our usual content. Thanks!

7 responses to “Cook it Raw Charleston Documentary”

  1. thefishingbob says:

    “Might like it”? That was brilliant. It took me home. Thank you so much.Bob Rembert

  2. Eva Bee says:

    This is so wonderful! It was so great meeting you at LitFest by the way. You’re inspiring.

  3. khaiti says:

    epic you guys! I really, really enjoyed the experience through your eyes. Love the Cook it Raw concept, you did such GREAT WORK documenting this one! I hope you’ll be invited to keep filming for them!

  4. snezan says:

    that was wonderful. How do i get the music?

  5. Kevin Kossowan says:


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