As you can imagine, we have A LOT of extra footage from our travels around the world. Here is a fun little video we made in partnership with FoodieTV (an awesome food video app you should check out) and the wonderful Intrepid Travel. Take 90 seconds to get really hungry for Baklava.

11 responses to “Baklava”

  1. sharon says:

    Wish I could watch every minute of your footage. You are better and more humane than any food show ever produced.

  2. nate says:

    What sort of liquid are they pouring over it after it comes out of the oven? Honey? Wonderful video as always

  3. Angus says:

    OMG I would eat the whole tray! Great video as always

  4. Naomi Williams says:

    I’ve never figured out where to find the credits on these Vimeo videos. Can you please tell me what the music is?

    • danielpklein says:

      the credits are always in the video after it ends. this songs is by Planet Monkey. Also, they are usually in the vimeo description but as this was made with foodieTV, it is not in the description. but in all other videos you can find it there

  5. Just discovered The Perennial Plate, like you a lot guys 🙂


  6. toosahn says:

    Love this video! I lived in western Turkey for a year and have visited the country many times. Baklava is not just food. It is art. Love this. Thank you for posting.

  7. Queen Sashy says:

    Cannot get better than this…. I slightly favor walnut baklava, but it has no bearing to superb content!

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