Episode 142: for Madiba

SORRY – we’ve taken this off temporarily to adjust for song copyright issues… While filming in South Africa, the leader, father and hero of that nation passed away. We were moved by the stories we heard and the deep love that every South African shared for Nelson Mandela. We had been taking pictures of food producers for two weeks leading up to his death, and while reviewing the diverse group of people, we were struck by how each one had a personal relationship to him and how different South Africa would be had he not lived.

3 responses to “Episode 142: for Madiba”

  1. Jeanie says:

    Such great shots, I wanted to linger on each one!

  2. Paula says:

    And each one you filmed touch me, in turn!

  3. TomCallos says:

    Just heard you on NPR the other day, talking about your time in Argentina. I love you guys –your work is spectacular. I always send your stuff to my martial arts filmmaker friends and say, “SEE, here, like this!” Your art inspires me far beyond the obvious food related beauty of your stuff…

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