Episode 148: there is only coffee

Unlike most coffee growing regions of the world, in Ethiopia the folks who grow the coffee, also drink the product. Long considered the birthplace of the beverage, Ethiopia produces some of the best. This little film is a love song to coffee, the grueling work that goes into producing it and the importance of small farms and cooperation in that process.

11 responses to “Episode 148: there is only coffee”

  1. John R. says:

    “May you fill the air with the smell of good coffee”
    Awesome. Great job guys.

  2. Judy Chucker says:

    Wonderful adventure! Ethiopian coffee is my favorite.

  3. etiennerichard says:

    As always, a super interesting short documentary that brings joy and knowledge. TPP is the best!

  4. Abraham De la Rosa says:

    You guys rock! Love your work.

  5. Jebarryjr says:

    You stimulate my olfactory system without aroma. You tease my sense of adventure without me leaving my easy-chair. And most importantly, you enliven my my desire for international exploration and new experiences! Thank you.

  6. Nancy F. says:

    Another delicious and informative video!

  7. Jon says:

    Marvellous video! I’m watching it for second time taking a cup of coffe to improve sensations… Congratulations!

    There’s a nice development project related to Ethiopia called Town of Runners http://www.townofrunners.com/ trying to develop schools and basic structure in the town where most of the Ethiopian Marathon runners are coming from.

  8. CompassionateLee says:

    My favorite statement…”Working alone has little value.”

  9. ANTONIO says:

    There is a province in Ethiopia called KAFFA, which means coffee, which means that is where it originated. Thank you, Ethiopia.

  10. This is a super nice and well done video. berendo.ca

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