Announcement: Season 4!

After a year and a half absence from posting Perennial Plate episodes, we are launching Season 4.  Since we shared our Ethiopia episodes, a lot has happened (most importantly, we had a baby).  With a 15 month old in tow, we figured traveling to a new location every other day might get tiring.  So instead…We’re moving! Sort of. For the next year, we will be spending 2 months in various locations around the globe, making 10 films in each spot.  This regional approach will enable us to get to know a place for “a season”.  The first round of videos will be “a summer in Colorado”, “a fall in Ireland” and “a winter in Mexico”.  Expect varying story styles (including cooking videos, animated pieces, etc.) and a much more involved blog on the trials and tribulations of moving with a baby (in some cases, a dog too) and too much filming gear.  We are headed to Colorado on June 4th, with films coming out by the end of the month, but we’ll be posting clips, photos and stories of the whole process on our blog.  So stay tuned. And thanks for coming back. We’ve missed you.

Oh, and if you’d like to submit a story idea for Colorado, you can do so HERE.

11 responses to “Announcement: Season 4!”

  1. Greg says:

    I am absolutely stoked! Congratulations on the new additions to your tribe. I’ve missed you guys and your work, you have made my day when I checked in at The Perennial Plate and found out you were starting up again, can’t wait!

  2. Kathy says:

    just love your video series!

  3. Welcome back!!! I have missed you guys… But know you may have been a little busy with your little guy… By the way , I really like your videos of “in the kitchen”!

    • danny says:

      Hi Kelly, we’ve missed sharing videos, but the break from traveling and getting to spend so much time with James has been incredible. Now he has to learn about the road! regarding in the kitchen, i’m not sure whether or not we are going to have us cooking this season, but we do plan on having at least 3 cooking episodes per location.

  4. Judy Myers says:

    Congratulations on your new family member and on Season 4. I am very glad you’re back. I missed your wonderful offerings, your pure love of people, the earth, and food present in every single episode. Welcome back!

    • danny says:

      Hi Judy, thanks so much for the comment. we try to make the films about more than the food… like you said, people, the earth… so thank you and we are happy to be back.

  5. Sierra says:


  6. Della says:

    Very excited to know you will be back soon. I talk your work up every time the subject of food surfaces. Looking forward to the new season!

  7. Seth says:

    Congrats on continuing your crazy adventure! I can’t wait to see the stuff from Ireland!

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