Episode 151: Bessie White

Bessie and her sister Velma started the Cortez, Colorado farmers market 43 years ago, Bessie has only missed one Saturday since.  This short film touches on her rich and long life as well as some secrets for making strawberry rhubarb pie.

11 responses to “Episode 151: Bessie White”

  1. Sara Thomas says:

    Wonderful piece. I grew up in Cortez and remember the farmers market fondly. I would love to bake some pies with Bessie and listen to her stories.

    • Daniel Klein says:

      one of the wonderful parts of our job! getting to spend the day with someone so rich in life stories.

  2. Victor says:

    That was so lovely to watch and I appreciate how you make it look so intimate and simple… You’re true treasures you know!

  3. Rosemary Donahoo says:

    Bessie it was great to see you on the camera. I remember your homemade rolls as if it was yesterday when you cooked for the school. We all so looked forward to your lunches. I am sorry but don’t remember granddaughters first name but enjoyed meeting her at the PV reunion last August. Maybe she will be there next month, and you too I hope. Your granddaughter sat next to or near my sister Susie on the plane flight from Phoenix this last time. How cool is that. Well I wish you more great success at the Farmer’s Market. If I still lived there I would buy your pies. I will spread the work tho. I miss everyone. Rosemary

    • Daniel Klein says:

      Thanks for sharing Rosemary! hopefully someone can pass on your note by bringing a computer to the farmers market.

  4. I loved this to tears. My mom taught me how to make pies when I was very young, and died when I was 16. My friends and family refer to me as the pie lady, or the queen of pies. I have taught my kids and friends and family the ‘secrets” of a good crust and amazing fillings, and would not be caught ever buying a pie from a store. My mom and Bessie would have been great friends sharing stories and baking from scratch. Thanks for another winner of a film. I loved the story too, and love apricots and apricot trees just a little more too!

    • mirra says:

      Thank you Maris!! I didnt know that about your mom. She sounds wonderful. We should make a pie together sometime…and you can teach me all your secrets:)

  5. Maria says:

    Perennial Plate, you guys do such lovely work! You’ve really captured the essence of these people and their characters. These new ones are especially moving and intimate. I am beyond glad you have a new season. It’s an honor to watch. Bravo.

  6. I love this. Well done.

  7. Grant says:

    A lot of memories in Aunt Bessie’s kitchen!

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