Episode 160: The Butcher Shop

Our first film of 10 in Ireland is about McGraths of Lismore – a traditional butcher shop with its own farm and abattoir.  With many small businesses struggling to survive, this family butcher has been in the trade since the 1600s. Note: contains a real account of meat production, that viewers may be sensitive to.

8 responses to “Episode 160: The Butcher Shop”

  1. Liz Welch says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  2. Shelagh Klein says:

    What a lovely family. So wonderful to be able to meet so many different sorts of people.

  3. You guys continue to make films with such humanity and humor. The killing scene wasn’t easy to watch – even for a devoted carnivore – but I appreciate that you guys approached the cut as humanely as the guy holding the gun. Can’t wait for more from Ireland. One request: subtitles please!

  4. Betty O Rourke says:

    Beautiful to watch. Couldn’t get a nicer family. Great butchers shop.

  5. Gillian says:

    Love this so much!! Beautiful work and compelling storytelling. Very much looking forward to the series as we will be spending the bulk of 2017 in Ireland. You’re making us even more excited

  6. Cheryl Haislar says:

    Fabulous!!! Can’t wait until we see the next episode.
    Real People, Beautiful Photos.

  7. keri brandt says:

    Mirra, Daniel, and Hunter,

    Thank you for this beautiful film! Thank you for your bravery to tell a much bigger, more complex story. To bring us just a little closer to the death of the animals we eat in hopes that we honor their lives more and have a greater understanding of what it means to be alive. And, thank you to the family for sharing their story.

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