Episode 163: A Portrait Of A Chef As A Young Woman

A very different film about a different kind of chef: Katie Sanderson is a nomadic cook who follows her passion from project to project, returning to Dublin and The Fumbally Cafe only to re-stock her traveling larder and embark on another culinary adventure.  It’s less about being a Chef and more about cooking good food for others.

18 responses to “Episode 163: A Portrait Of A Chef As A Young Woman”

  1. Faith says:

    Enjoyed this! Especially like her comment about chefs being glamorized lately. We – the diners- appreciate the hard work of chefs who nourish our body and soul.

  2. Susan Grimshaw says:

    Capability Katie! You rock.

  3. Kelly Rodholm says:

    Awesome Danny, Mirra and James! Loved her outlook about over-glamorized chefs these days! Loved that she GOES to where she’s needed and I would suspect wanted!
    Fun! Would love to hear more!

  4. Aimee McAdams says:

    I love the way you did this one! 🙂

  5. Hugh says:

    Very well done, great craic

  6. Hugh says:

    Well done, great craic to watch

  7. Sue Twiggs says:

    Well done. Wish I could be a dancer and have Katie cook for me.

  8. F Esposito says:

    I loved this from you two

  9. F Esposito says:

    I loved this from you two. Katie is great

  10. Jack says:

    Cool. One of ireland’s most inspiring food stories. Glad you chose to shine a little light on her.

  11. Ted says:

    So pretentious.

  12. phillip says:

    This film has nourished me this morning. Thank you Mirra, thanks Daniel, thanks Katie!

  13. Amazing Declan & Sue. Really captures the essence of what you are about.

  14. Soledad says:

    Great and original! As a convinced vegetarian I think we need more people like you to make everyone understand what eating well is all about.

  15. Bruce says:

    Great Story
    Here is a great inspirational story around a similar female chef in Solvenia.

  16. Foody2andOliver says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful

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