Episode 166: The Burren

People and Place: of all beauties it is the most beautiful… For the last 6,000 years farmers on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way have sent their cattle up onto the limestone formations of The Burren for Winterage (winter grazing). A unique example of farming and preservation working hand in hand to maintain biodiversity, landscape and way of life.

8 responses to “Episode 166: The Burren”

  1. Larry Ellis says:

    A beautiful story! It made me weep.

  2. Colette Nagle says:

    Absolutely Amazing …
    Such intelligent passionate Men who abviously love where they Live . ….Well done..

  3. Martha Gehringer says:

    If I could be anywhere in the world, that’s where I’d be. Right now!

  4. dermot hayes says:

    Burren farming is testimony to the farmers who for centuries have herded their cattle and looked after this fragile part of the Europe.
    Great story that need to reach every child on the planet. As how to mind and yet make a living from such a fragile piece of Europe.

  5. Marilyn Perry says:

    Exquisite. Thank you Danny and Mirra.

  6. Gustavo Deleon says:

    It’s profoundly hopeful when we hear farmers talking like priests. The awe and reverence they feel for this land belonging to the most beautiful tradition of people and their place. Thank you guys…

  7. Lynette B. says:

    I visited The Burren last year and was awed by the stark and rich beauty of this karst landscape. A local man, Shane Connolly, told us of the complex life and history of it. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story.

  8. Jon Pope says:

    I visited the Burren as a tourist earlier this month. It is an inspiring landscape for sure…. the scale of the rocks and hills, the green interspersed, the stone walls and farmhouses and lanes all contribute to it’s magic. But seeing those vistas doesn’t compare with these simple interviews which give voice to the people of the land there. A delightful style of videography which someone manages to slow down to the rural pace that makes the Burren landscape what it is.

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