Episode 168: Howth, Dublin

Just outside of Dublin’s city center lies the fishing village of Howth.  Idyllic and peaceful as the town may be, the Irish sea was not as accommodating when we went out on Joe Caufield’s boat to empty his crab traps.  This film captures that rough experience on the water as well Joe’s stay in business as a small fisherman.  Also, this is probably the first film in English that we’ve had to subtitle: what an accent!

8 responses to “Episode 168: Howth, Dublin”

  1. Thank you for the subtitles guys!

  2. rohn says:

    ‘You could have one millionaire or 30 people with 30,000 dollars. Which one is better? Which one does society want?’
    brilliant fimmaking

  3. larry ellis says:

    There should be no doubt what you two are meant to do! Such artistry!

  4. profoundly authentic work going straight to the heart of it. Excellent delivery from Joe Caulfield

  5. Padraig says:

    If his family have owned property in Howth he’s going to be OK. Glad his ilk remains. All too soon, none.

  6. Kasia says:

    Subtitles are great. I have been living here in Ireland for over 20 years now but still might find it difficult to understand everything:)

  7. Foody2andOliver says:

    Phenomenal filmmaking: capturing and overlaying visual and aural textures distinct to the story allowing it to be thoughtful and at the same time visceral.
    How do you do it!?!

  8. George says:

    Very nicely done! We were there in the beautiful town of Howth this summer.

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