Episode 170: The Ovens of Cappoquin

This is story of a small business in a small town in Ireland. It is also a tale seen the world over: the struggle to survive and maintain quality and integrity on this changing planet. In this case, for their longevity, commitment to tradition and love of good bread, Barron’s Bakery is a beacon of inspiration on a tiny side street in the village of Cappoquin, County Waterford.

3 responses to “Episode 170: The Ovens of Cappoquin”

  1. Magha Garcia says:

    Excellent work. Nothing like a good bread that start with a great smell.

  2. Frans says:

    Thank you I loved this film

  3. Foody2andOliver says:

    Loved the story and the storyteller. Very personal and honest. Felt like I could almost feel the heat of the oven and smell the bread.

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