America: Betty and Larry

Betty and Larry travel the country year round in their RV, and settle every October in North Dakota for the beet harvest, where they work nights to harvest America’s Sugar.

The fifth in a series of non-partisan portraits of American Life.

8 responses to “America: Betty and Larry”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I loved this…what a great couple

  2. Steve Watson says:

    Larry & Betty. Miss y’all and sure wish I could be following you around the country. See or talk to you when you get back to this home.

  3. Frederick says:

    <3 North Dakota!

  4. Paula Hill says:

    I wonder how much money they’re earning for this annual endeavor. It must be “enough,” and the benefits of friendship and satisfaction of a job well done are the bonus, eh?
    Great work Daniel and crew!

  5. This video is perfection! I’ve always been curious about beet sugar and how it’s made. What a lovely story and couple to take us on the journey. Thank you!!

  6. Floyd Morris, jr. says:

    Great video- Lots of Fun

  7. Steve and Tali says:

    We love your Larry, Betty and Poco. Hope to see you soon…

  8. Larry Mueller says:

    Glad you come to Hillsboro!!!!

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