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A Summer in Colorado Teaser

New episodes of The Perennial Plate (Season 4) begin next week, June 28th, tune in!

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Telluride Bluegrass

When we met over the cheese counter so many years, bluegrass was playing on the store’s speakers. And when the beautiful and witty cheesemonger told me that she also played the banjo, I knew I liked her.  She invited me to a bluegrass concert that weekend... but never gave me her number.  Five years of dating and two years of marriage later, we had actually never attended a bluegrass show together until this weekend. For the uninformed, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival is like Mecca, the Va...


James Ranch

There were over 150 story suggestions for our visit to Colorado. Unfortunately, we don’t get to make a film about every worthy farm.   Last night we stopped at James Ranch -- a place that would make an ideal Perennial Plate film.  It is a grass-fed beef and dairy operation where each member of the James family runs a different aspect of the business.  They have deep knowledge of rotational grazing in one of the most beautiful valleys that cows have ever roamed.  But we already filmed a ...


a new adventure

I remember when I first met Daniel and Mirra. They were living in their former apartment and their chihuahua, Frankie, was just a recent addition to their family. One morning, Daniel and I were getting out of the car and he casually mentioned, "Oh yeah, Hunter...Mirra’s pregnant.” Now they live in a house on Powderhorn Park with their son, the cutest little-knee-walker ever, James. All this is to say that, since starting with Perennial Plate nearly two years ago, a lot has changed. Certainly...