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Episode 172: The Land, The Sea

How do you choose the land or the sea? Longtime deep sea fisherman turned goat farmer, Gabriel Flaherty of Aran Islands Goats Cheese​, doesn\'t have to, the sea surrounds him and runs through his veins.

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A Nova Scotia Teaser

Here is a little unedited video that Hunter took during his 13 hours on a Lobster fishing boat near Halls Harbour.  The color of the sky is real.  This is a pretty much unedited segment from the start of Lobster season. Full videos coming very soon - we are excited to share!...


Where to Eat in Nova Scotia

Having traveled extensively for our docu-series, inevitably people ask for food recommendations -- most of the time we never get around to writing them down.  Not this time!  We spent a month in Nova Scotia and below are our favorite spots. Whether you are doing a weekend trip from the East Coast (direct flights from Boston and NYC) or something more substantial, it’s good to know that yes, there is Lobster; yes, there are scallops and fish and chips; but one cannot dine on rich seafood alon...


The Lobster That Got Away

Nova Scotia is known for its lobster. Since arriving in this beautiful province, my husband is on a “one-a-week” schedule. And he isn’t alone. Each year in Halls Harbour, a rustic fishing village on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, roughly 2 million pounds of lobster make their way through the Halls Harbour Lobster Pound. Twenty thousand pounds are eaten at the restaurant; the rest is packed into crates and shipped across the province, Canada and the world. That happens every year. But every ...