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Episode 151: Bessie White

Bessie and her sister Velma started the Cortez, Colorado farmers market 43 years ago, Bessie has only missed one Saturday since. This short film touches on her rich and long life as well as some secrets for making strawberry rhubarb pie.

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Bessie: Stories From the Cutting Room Floor

We arrived at Bessie White's house (down a dirt road off county BB) at 9am. It was over an hour drive from where we were staying in Durango. We spent the whole morning with Bessie that day; hearing her story, seeing pictures of her life and watching her bake her strawberry rhubarb pie. She gave us a small hand pie on our way out, and I made a mental note to arrive early at the farmers market the next day so I could buy the larger pie (our pie) that we made together -- or rather that we had see...


Good People

Last week we released the first film from our season here in Colorado. (If you haven’t watched it yet, please check it out here!) It tells the story of Keri Brandt, a former vegetarian who married into a cattle ranching family. Keri’s perspective on raising animals for human consumption is nuanced and insightful. But apart from having a great story to tell, she is also an incredibly kind person. Their whole family is, in fact (which includes husband David and five-year-old son Rider). I expe...


RIP Drone

We have driven through Wolf Creek Pass at least 5 times on this trip so far.  It is a stunning drive: winding roads, huge vistas, roaring creek beside the road.  Every time I've drive through I think to myself, "I need to fly the drone up that creek".  Last Wednesday, Hunter and I pulled the car over on our way back from a fishing shoot in South Fork and got out the drone.  The wind was blowing strong, but I had seen the drone adjust for wind.  I launched the "little machine that could" ove...