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Episode 154: The Gospel According to Turtle Lake

At Turtle Lake Refuge in Durango Colorado, life is a little different: it is symbiotic and ethereal. Katrina Blair lives on a small patch of land surrounded by the San Juan mountains, where she harvests for her one of a kind Wild Foods CSA (Community Supported Abundance). We followed her for a couple days, filming the production of Thistle Root Chai Tea, Marshmallows made from mallow root and the harvesting of weeds, flowers and herbs for the families that pick up their CSA bags once a week. Beyond all that, we were most struck by her philosophy of connectivity to nature, where you can actually talk to the plants. Take a moment to listen and be inspired.

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Driving in Colorado

i’m a pretty safe driver, but on those long trips across corn fields, past strip malls, down tree lined highways... i get tired. I usually fuel a drive with 4-6 shots of espresso at home followed by ice tea at gas stations when i’m feeling tired. Colorado was different. I was truly amazed by the state, it is so easy to disregard the beauty of where we live/come from and think to the vineyards of Italy or the mountains of Patagonia. But in our back door, a mere 12 hours from Minnesota, there ...


The Smells of Real Life

They say “smells ring bells.” As humans, our sense of smell is strongly linked to our memory. Well, after filming this most recent story about food waste, I’m certainly left with many new “memories.” Imagine heaping piles of decomposing produce being pushed around by a bulldozer. A large truck pulls up, unloading slabs of expired processed “mystery” meat from a pet food manufacturer. Around the corner, a man hoses thousands of gallons of cow manure into deep pools to bake in the...


Bessie: Stories From the Cutting Room Floor

We arrived at Bessie White's house (down a dirt road off county BB) at 9am. It was over an hour drive from where we were staying in Durango. We spent the whole morning with Bessie that day; hearing her story, seeing pictures of her life and watching her bake her strawberry rhubarb pie. She gave us a small hand pie on our way out, and I made a mental note to arrive early at the farmers market the next day so I could buy the larger pie (our pie) that we made together -- or rather that we had see...