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Danny Klein takes us on an adventure in sustainable food and adventurous living

Teaser: An Autumn in Ireland

A little teaser for the next location in our latest season, \"An Autumn in Ireland\" -- we will be releasing 10 films from this small island starting on November 15th.

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How I learned to stop flying and Hate the Drone

I purchased a drone before embarking on our latest series of films in Colorado.  Before the actual purchase, I went down the worm hole of internet shopping, research, reviews and comparisons. It's an endless and painful process that can take days from your life.  I ended up with the DJI Phantom 3.  It arrived in a shiny white box at my doorstep a few days later, and it was amazing.  I became a little kid again; spending hours with an arched neck, looking up into the sky and practicing for m...


Film Shoots with Baby

These days, when we venture out on a shoot with neither a babysitter nor Hunter, Daniel and I split up the work: One of us films our intended subject while the other watches the baby. Last week, Daniel went up the mountain in the Burren with a sheep farmer while James and I stayed back on the farm. Within a few minutes, he had changed into his wellies and was running through the open fields while the farm dogs trailed close behind. For the next couple of hours that farm was our playground. ...


Cliffs of Moher

These rocks are photographed literally thousands of times a day... still worth another look.      ...