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Episode 172: The Land, The Sea

How do you choose the land or the sea? Longtime deep sea fisherman turned goat farmer, Gabriel Flaherty of Aran Islands Goats Cheese​, doesn\'t have to, the sea surrounds him and runs through his veins.

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Where to Eat in Nova Scotia

Having traveled extensively for our docu-series, inevitably people ask for food recommendations -- most of the time we never get around to writing them down.  Not this time!  We spent a month in Nova Scotia and below are our favorite spots. Whether you are doing a weekend trip from the East Coast (direct flights from Boston and NYC) or something more substantial, it’s good to know that yes, there is Lobster; yes, there are scallops and fish and chips; but one cannot dine on rich seafood alon...


The Lobster That Got Away

Nova Scotia is known for its lobster. Since arriving in this beautiful province, my husband is on a “one-a-week” schedule. And he isn’t alone. Each year in Halls Harbour, a rustic fishing village on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, roughly 2 million pounds of lobster make their way through the Halls Harbour Lobster Pound. Twenty thousand pounds are eaten at the restaurant; the rest is packed into crates and shipped across the province, Canada and the world. That happens every year. But every ...


The World is Burning, but Nova Scotia sure is beautiful

It's a respite to be up here, learning about oyster farming and Acadia, Syrian Chocolatiers and biodynamic winemakers.  We are two weeks into filming this Maritime Province and as I jump into the cold waters every morning or evening, I feel very lucky. It's a strange time to be traveling in Nova Scotia: to be posting idyllic pictures of wilderness, delicious seafood, and communities warmly accepting refugees. In fact, right now feels like a strange time to be doing anything besides reflectin...