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Episode 173: A Brief History of Acadians in Nova Scotia (and their food) as told by Simon Thibault

Without a country, what defines a people? Simon Thibault​ takes us to his Acadia, where family and homely food give a sense of place. The first film from our adventures in Nova Scotia takes a whimsical path to Acadia through the eyes of cookbook author Simon Thibault who celebrates the perseverance of food culture despite a history of hardship and \"being dispersed, but still fervently of where you are.\"

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when homely food is beautiful

Our process of filmmaking has changed a lot over the past 170+ films. We began with a very rustic and real approach to cooking and farming, it then evolved into vignettes about people and culture where we observed a character for a couple days and put together a piece that celebrated their life. While we still practice both those styles, we do get bored with them (the style not the stories) and so we try to make things fun and different - both for our audience and for ourselves. Our latest is an...


A Nova Scotia Teaser

Here is a little unedited video that Hunter took during his 13 hours on a Lobster fishing boat near Halls Harbour.  The color of the sky is real.  This is a pretty much unedited segment from the start of Lobster season. Full videos coming very soon - we are excited to share!...


Where to Eat in Nova Scotia

Having traveled extensively for our docu-series, inevitably people ask for food recommendations -- most of the time we never get around to writing them down.  Not this time!  We spent a month in Nova Scotia and below are our favorite spots. Whether you are doing a weekend trip from the East Coast (direct flights from Boston and NYC) or something more substantial, it’s good to know that yes, there is Lobster; yes, there are scallops and fish and chips; but one cannot dine on rich seafood alon...