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Episode 166: The Burren

People and Place: of all beauties it is the most beautiful... For the last 6,000 years farmers on Irelands Wild Atlantic Way​ have sent their cattle up onto the limestone formations of The Burren for Winterage (winter grazing). A unique example of farming and preservation working hand in hand to maintain biodiversity, landscape and way of life.

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How to find a story like McGrath’s

People often ask how we find our stories. There are many ways: Sometimes they come recommended, sometimes people recommend themselves, and other times we stumble upon them. McGrath’s is the latter. I had been looking for someone in Ireland to show us a blood pudding recipe using real blood (I know, the vegetarian…). Though blood pudding is a very common dish in Ireland, finding someone making it in the traditional way of using fresh blood (and willing to show you their secrets) is not. ...


Trump in Ireland

Probably the most asked question during our two months in Ireland from farmers and fishermen, chefs and hunters has been, “so what do you think of Trump?”  No joke — every single Irish person I’ve talked to for more than 30 seconds has broached the subject.  My response always (except once) received a: “Oh thank God, it’s madness isn’t it?!” (the Irish public has been polled on Trump and he only has 6% support here). We had been excited to not be around for the election madn...


Hunting with Mirra

Last week we went to Ballyvolane House in East Cork.  We were visiting to film a story about Gin made from Cow’s-milk whey in the barn of an old country house, and while we were there, they were to do their first bird shoot of the year.  Justin Green was our host for the gin and the duck/partridge drive. Filming the shoot presented a question about what kind of stories we tell in our series and where "sustainable" begins and ends.  I've always considered our show to be less about t...