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Announcement: Season 4!

After a year and a half absence from posting Perennial Plate episodes, we are launching Season 4. Since we shared our Ethiopia episodes, a lot has happened (most importantly, we had a baby). With a 15 month old in tow, we figured traveling to a new location every other day might get tiring. So instead...We are moving! Sort of. For the next year, we will be spending 2 months in various locations around the globe, making 10 films in each spot. This regional approach will enable us to get to know a place for a season. The first round of videos will be A Summer in Colorado, A Fall in Ireland and A Winter in Mexico. We are headed to Colorado on June 4th, with films coming out by the end of the month, but we\'ll be posting clips, photos and stories of the whole process. So stay tuned. And thanks for coming back. We have missed you.

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We are Moving!

For the past 15 months (since our son was born), we’ve been trying to figure out how we can continue to make this unique work/travel/lifestyle function for our new family.  We thought it would be easy… but then we went to a wedding in Florida and experienced life with a mobile little boy in a small hotel room.  We quickly realized that our fantasy of schlepping gear and baby on and off the Trans-Siberian Railroad might have to wait a few years.  Shortly after, I went on a couple filming trips for five days each (to Honduras and New England).  The combo of missing baby James, and Mirra’s week alone with him ruled out the option of just one of us working at a time.

We got into this business because it was something we loved doing — a passion that enabled us to live our lives the way we wanted (I’m guessing there is more money to be made outside of documentaries about sustainable food?), and a life where we could work together.  Now that life has shifted and grown. And though we may, one day, be able to train James to hold a boom mic and work a go pro so he can go on adventures with us…our dog Frankie, is untrainable. We aren’t about to leave her behind.

Time and brainstorming, coffee and wine —  they sometimes yield good ideas. We developed a plan.  What if we brought the show back to its hyper-regional roots and instead of traveling from country to country in short…


Women in Coffee

In our absence from posting content lately, we’ve had a lot of wonderful side projects.  Perhaps the most rewarding of late (or of all) is this film we made for Equal Exchange.  Shot in Honduras and Boston, we followed EE’s coffee supply chain, focusing on the women leaders in each step.  Seriously inspiring, please watch if you have 10 minutes.  Thanks!


Women in Coffee: Short Documentary from Equal Exchange on Vimeo.


What is P6? (in movie form!)

If you are lucky enough to shop at a Coop Grocery Store, you may have seen a logo around that says “P6”. But if you are like me, you weren’t quite sure what it meant. This summer we were asked to make a few videos explaining just that. In case you don’t watch the videos, P6 is kind of like a coop stamp of approval — any product labeled with the P6 must fit at least 2 of the 3 following criteria: is it a cooperative business, a small business or a local business? Basically, you know that if you purchase those products, your money isn’t going to a multinational corporation. It is instead helping to build a better food system in your immediate community. I find it to be very helpful, and so was happy to work with the coops to make these films. In addition to making an informational film about the meaning of P6, we also made two additional films about a couple P6 producers. And the organization generously let us use some of the footage in the first episode of The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast — so if you missed the Minnesota episode, these videos have a lot in common. Thanks and shop smart! For more information visit:

Principle 6 Cooperative Trade Movement from Principle Six on Vimeo.