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Episode 157: Game Changer

What is a food desert? A food swamp? Beverly Grant of Mo Betta Green MarketPlace in Denver, Colorado explains the problem, and a solution.

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A Recipe for “Wine Bottle” Pie

[caption id="attachment_3862" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] (Burtown House Garden Apples)[/caption] For the first half of our stay in Ireland, we are living in a beautiful, 400 year old stable house about an hour outside of Dublin. Our backdoor opens to a trove of apple trees. Ever since we arrived, I've been anxious to take advantage of this amazing bounty and start baking. Unfortunately, the house isn’t yet stocked with the necessary baking supplies (rolling pin, measuring cups, mi...


Irish Landscapes

I recently took a little solo trip to Bray, a small coastal town south of Dublin. There I did the "Bray Cliff Walk," a 6km hike along the ocean that leads you to the neighboring town of Greystones. The next day I went to Glendalough National Park to hike in the Wicklow mountains. At the base of the trail there's an old monastery (built sometime between 900-1200 A.D) founded by St. Kevin. I took my little Fuji along with me. Here are some of the photographs.   ...


A Night at the Pub

Since arriving to Ireland I’d been wanting to have a traditional pub experience. I asked James, the owner of the house where we are staying, (not to be confused with the baby), if there was a good pub to visit in the nearby town of Athy. “What night is it... Thursday?” he asked me. It was.  “Oh, go to Clancy’s. You’re in for a treat. There’s music.”  So, Daniel and I went.  When we got to Clancys we first, (of course), ordered a couple of pints of Guinness at the bar. Then...