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Episode 175: The Bite House

I have always been interested in the idea of serving fine dining food in someone\'s personal home.  In the woods of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia,  Chef Bryan Picard has done just that.  At The Bite House, Bryan lives upstairs, his dad cooks the bread, his girlfriend helps serve the guests. It looks and feels like home....  except for the food.  Michelin isn\'t in Canada, but if it were, this restaurant/home would be in the book.  #visitNovaScotia #exploreCanada 

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On Happy Humans, Salty Oysters, and a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

When we reached out to Charles Purdy (Nova Scotia oyster fisherman and the subject of our latest film), it took him a day to respond via email with a yes.  When we spent the day with him, he never looked at a phone or a computer.   He wasn’t against email and technology, but he was more interested in being present.  He was always engaged, smiling, working, happy. As we release a film about this remarkable man (and as is the case with so many of the films we make), we are hoping to find a...


when homely food is beautiful

Our process of filmmaking has changed a lot over the past 170+ films. We began with a very rustic and real approach to cooking and farming, it then evolved into vignettes about people and culture where we observed a character for a couple days and put together a piece that celebrated their life. While we still practice both those styles, we do get bored with them (the style not the stories) and so we try to make things fun and different - both for our audience and for ourselves. Our latest is an...


A Nova Scotia Teaser

Here is a little unedited video that Hunter took during his 13 hours on a Lobster fishing boat near Halls Harbour.  The color of the sky is real.  This is a pretty much unedited segment from the start of Lobster season. Full videos coming very soon - we are excited to share!...